Wordless Wednesday: Chakras in Progress

Hopscotch #Chakras On the left is pre-grouting. On the right is an image of Margaret grouting. Finished images coming soon. A photo posted by Wayne Stratz (@waynestratz) on Mar 3, 2015 at 6:48pm PST

15 Second Studio Tour: House Numbers In Progress

Margaret Almon Mosaic Studio. Photo ©Allison Puketza

15 Second Studio Tour of Nutmeg Designs from Nutmeg Designs on Vimeo.

Our Aesthetic Sense Can be a Wise Guide to Our Work

Closet of Glass. Photo by Margaret Almon.

Part of being an artist is being surrounded by my materials, and my art unfolding from their inspiration.  Our surroundings may bear the imprint of our aesthetic passions.   Ivan Chan, over at Interior Voyeur, posted a photo of a chest of drawers he described as part card catalog, part Chinese apothecary cabinet.  Perhaps part […]

Wordless Wednesday: Piece in the Studio

Rainbow Piece Sign for a Quilter by Nutmeg Designs

Pencil Crayon Love: From Laurentians to Prismacolors

Prismacolors by Wayne Stratz

Due to the kindness of family birthday gift certificates, Stratoz broke open a box of 150 Prismacolors, and also did an inventory of the ones he already had, in various states of stubbiness. The smallest ones, often consisting mostly of the color name and nothing more, will go to the school with him for student […]

Red Dwarfs, Nanoparticles and the Colors of Glass: Guest Post by Michelle Francl-Donnay of Quantum Theology

Gold nanoparticles

Today I am sharing blog space with Michelle Francl-Donnay.  Michelle found Stratoz’s blog, because she too was going to Wernersville Jesuit Center for a silent retreat.   I met Michelle  in 2008, when she came to one of our craft shows. She wanted to meet us, and ended up smitten with my Spiral Mandala, and […]

Wordless Wednesday: Say Grout!

Margaret in the Studio

  Finished mosaics after grouting. More Wordless Here.

A to Z Challenge 2012: G is for Grout & A Grout Monster

Grout is the mysterious element of making mosaics.  Grout can unite the pieces or make them stand apart.   The word Grout may come from the Old English “gruta” meaning coarse meal, a kind of porridge.  Grout fills in the spaces, as if a sustaining porridge, yet has no adhesive quality in and of itself.  Grout obscures the […]

Wordless Wednesday: Peace and Self-Control Remain


Related: The Fruits of the Spirit:A Commission for a Wall of Mosaic Refreshing Roots and Bearing Fruit Over at Stratoz: The Fruits of the Spirit Emerge More Wordless Here.

Fruit of the Spirit: Refreshing the Roots and Bearing Fruit

Fruit of the Spirit in Polyester

When I wrote earlier about my Fruit of the Spirit Mobile that I painstakingly stitched from polyester double knit, my mother emailed this photo to me, as she has it hanging in her dining room.  I had forgotten how pleased I was with the pineapple of Goodness, and the plaid on a diagonal for texture!  […]

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