Stratozpheric Cards: Original Art Cards Sent Out to Those You Love

Stratozpheric Cards: Send one to your Love

Stratozpheric Cards: Let Stratoz send an original art card to someone you love. By Wayne Stratz.

Order an original Stratozpheric art card to delight someone in your life.  Stratoz will draw a card with colored pencils, in the colors you choose, while contemplating the message you want to send, and then send it off to the address you provide.   I am grateful that I have been a frequent recipient of Stratoz’s art, and I know that friends, family, co-workers, clients and mailing list members have also been happy to receive them.  I am amazed by his ability to create miniature works of art, that can leave his drawing table and wing their way to people’s hearts.  A woman contacted him to commission a series of cards to send to the wife of a colleague who is undergoing a course of chemotherapy, and Stratoz was honored to be part of loving energy sent in a time of need.

You can commission a card at Stratozpheres on Etsy.

More orange goodness on my Orange Tuesdays Pinterest Board.

Stratozpheres on Etsy

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  1. I, too, am so impressed with his artwork. He creates little miracles when he draws cards!

  2. Those cards are beautiful. :-)