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A Sense of Place: Photographs by Paul Grecian and Oils by Materese Roche, Artists’ Gallery Lambertville, NJ

Peak Color by Paul Grecian
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Peak Color by Paul Grecian, Archival Pigment Photograph


A Sense of Place

featuring: Paul Grecian and Materese Roche

Artists’ Gallery, Lambertville, NJ

This show runs from August 5, 2011 until September 4, 2011

Stratoz and I had the pleasure of attending the opening of A Sense of Place, featuring the work of our friend, photographer Paul Grecian, and landscape paintings by Materese Roche.  The show is framed by Thoreau’s  assertion that “The question is not what you look at, but what you see.”  The opening featured the unveiling of two works that Paul and Materese created from the same unedited photo file, independently of each other, and I was fascinated by how different the two pieces were, as each was marked by what the artist saw, their vision of the world around us.  Vision can be both the biological ability to see, and a larger interpretation and passion within that seeing.

I am drawn to Paul’s use of color, his sensitivity to the power that resides in focal points of a scene.  His landscapes are intentional, as he focuses on the places in a scene that harbor the most energy.  Stratoz and I have one of Paul’s photos, cedar waxwings feasting on berries, sculptural in their dimensionality in the foreground, and a background that seems constructed of painted silk, of shades of green and dark red.   A Sense of Place highlights the artist’s reverence for nature, his explorations of local natural areas like Peace Valley Park in Bucks County, PA, as well as the coast of Maine, with gorgeous orange enlivening the images.

This was our first visit to Artists’ Gallery in Lambertville, NJ, and the array of work is wonderful, as is the commitment to artists:

Artists’ Gallery is a partnership of professional visual artists who cooperatively administer, staff and exhibit in our Lambertville, New Jersey location. . . Since its inception in 1995, the high quality of work and variety of artistic styles has earned Artists’ Gallery a solid reputation among discerning collectors, designers and art critics as a showcase for viewing and purchasing original works of art.

Artists’ Gallery is committed to a $0 profit policy. Each member gets 100% of proceeds from the sale of his/her work.


Passing Storm by Materese Roche, oil on Linen
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Passing Storm by Materese Roche, oil on Linen

Work by the other 16 artists in the cooperative was also on display and I was particularly taken by the wood mosaic of Norine Kevolic with a natural and painted wood, mica powder, metal leaf, each individually scribed and cut on a bandsaw.

Over at Stratoz:

P is for Purpleface and Paul

Moon Jazz V and a Shout-Out to Paul Grecian


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