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5 Fabulous Quilt and Textile Bloggers to Inspire Any Artist

Lime and Violet Log Cabin Mosaic by Margaret Almon of Nutmeg Designs
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Lime and Violet Log Cabin Mosaic by Margaret Almon of Nutmeg Designs

Deciding to make quilt patterns in glass was one of the most exciting choices I’ve made as a mosaic artist.  The Log Cabin block in particular brings out my creativity and allows me to play with color.  The challenge of making scrap quilts gives me a good springboard for my own mosaics made of scraps of glass.  Stratoz creates a lot of glass bits in his studio, and I love putting them to good use.

Quilters also quite adept at blogging and I’d like to share some of my favorite quilt bloggers.  They are a storehouse of creative energy.

Barbara Brackman’s Material Culture: Information from a Quilt Historian About Quilt Fabric Past and Present

There is so much history encoded in different fabrics, and Barbara Brackman provides fascinating detail, and always has photos.  I especially enjoyed the Perkiomen Valley Patch, as I live very near the Perkiomen Valley in PA.

Lisa Call:  Contemporary Textile Art

Lisa Call says she creates vivid geometric abstract contemporary quilts.  I feel a kinship to her experimentation with color and her passion for her art.  She has an interesting post about working in a series, and the permutations the theme takes.

The Textile Blog

John Hopper writes about every imaginable textile from quilts to embroidery to macrame!  I’ve learned a lot from his meticulous research and writing.  He highlighted a contemporary quilt artist Paula Nadelstern and her cool kaleidescope quilts.

Sew On and On:  My Joyful Journey Through Arts and Life

Valerie Kamikubo populates her blog with visual treats, and her observations about art and creativity.  The colors in her post of dyeing fabric are very vibrant.

Planet Textile Threads(link currently not working)


Further Reading

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Over at Stratoz:

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  1. Valerie Kamikubo says:

    How very kind of you for the mention Margaret. I have admired your mosaics for some time now. You work wonders with those little pieces of glass!

  2. Hi Margaret. You were right above me when I posted my reply at SITS Girls. Some of the most creative people I know are quilters. I can see why you look to them for inspiration in your own art.

  3. Lisa says:

    Good luck with the SITS 31DBBB challenge. I was looking for an example of how to link other sites into a post and I think yours is a great example. I even learnt some thing new about quilting. Now to write mine. 🙂

  4. Yes, I was excited to discover I could bring all the pieces together but not actually have to sew anything, since that is not one of my talents. . .but there is something very satisfying about making a cohesive whole out of parts, in any form.

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