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A Celtic Cross Finds The One It Was Meant For

Celtic Cross Mosaic in Blue, Amber and Green by Margaret Almon
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Celtic Cross Mosaic in Blue, Amber and Green ©Margaret Almon


There are moments when something I’ve made becomes something made for someone.  A man named Kevin McAleese came into my booth, and was drawn to the small crosses with mother of pearl, and as he ran his fingers over them, he told me he liked touching them because it reminded him of how God has touched him.  Then he began to tell me his story, of retiring as a Colonel in the Army after 20 years of service, having been in Bosnia, Iraq and Germany, and then being diagnosed with brain tumors.  His oncologist told him how impressed she was with his ability to be positive, and he attributed it to his connection with God, that in spite of all he’s been through, he’s here, and living his life, being present.

Then Kevin McAleese saw the Celtic Cross, and that mosaic became made for him, as  he chose to buy it for his bedroom, where he could see it often, and told me it would help him in his healing.  He said he hoped I didn’t mind that he had shared his story with me.  I told him I was honored that he had shared it.

I am still amazed when people trust their stories with me, and when my work moves them, as if it couldn’t be possible.  But love is what fuels my desire to create, love and peace that I sense when I’m working, and the hope of being to share that love, and I am grateful that I can be part of someone’s experience of healing.

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  1. Traxis says:

    Very inspiring thought about the Celtic cross.. Thanks for sharing this with us! I really appreciate the value of your post..

  2. Misha says:

    It’s so amazing how people can look at someone and just open up about something in them.

    It’s wonderful that something you created touched him so deeply. The Celtic Cross is beautiful. 🙂

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