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A to Z Challenge 2012: E is for Exuberance

Joy Mosaic by Nutmeg Designs
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Joy Mosaic ©Nutmeg Designs


Exuberance!  I can’t help but want to add the exclamation point.

  • Joyously unrestrained and enthusiasic
  • Superabundance
  • Fruitful
At Nutmeg Designs, we desire to allow for the possibility of exuberance, to let our joy in the studio resonate into those who experience our art.  This piece, made with Youghiogheny glass, now resides with a family of exuberant folks, who are some of favorite people: George, Judy and Valerie Balock.  I tinted the grout a warm shade of yellow ochre that looks as if I made it just for their dining room, and the mosaic harmonizes with their zest for living.  George and Judy just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, and we know that exuberance played a role in their partnership.



    • Such serendipity! Kristen Lindquist was a classmate of mine at the University of Oregon MFA program, and I was looking forward to hearing her poem on Writer’s Almanac, and you gave me the link!!

  1. This is beautiful, joyful, and yes, definitely exuberant! What a delight it must be for your friends to see this all the time. It must lift their spirits every time it catches their eyes.

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