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Back to the Studio

Hope Panel in Blue by Nutmeg Designs
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Hope Panel in Blue by Nutmeg Designs

Entering the craft show season with some trepidation, I was glad to learn that I can do 4 craft shows in 4 weeks, and come out the other side having met some lovely people, and was honored to have many of my mosaics purchased and taken to new homes by enthusiastic patrons of handmade craft.  The last show was at the Kimberton Waldorf School, and was a delightful experience.  I would have loved attending a Waldorf school as a child or young adult.  Our booth was right next to the Village Artisan Shop, which was on the gym stage, and stocked with handmade goods from students including soap, candles, gingerbread houses, handknits, Christmas tree ornaments, and tissue paper mandalas.  I bought a gray wool hat, knitted by a student, and have enjoyed its warmth all week.

The welcoming nature of this show included multiple vegetarian dishes at the cafe, locally grown greens, and bread from a bakery owned by parents of a Kimberton student.  The Library was the tearoom, and included excellent coffee and an array of baked goods, and students providing live music.  Listening to 4 young men sing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, we were all singing by the last chorus, and I felt grateful to be there, to be present, alive and part of a common voice.

Back in the studio, I finished grouting a Joy Panel, one of my collaborations with Stratoz.


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