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Birthstone Inspiration for April: Sparkly Diamond-Esque Mosaic Pendant

April’s birthstone is diamond, and I must say this one was a challenge!  What is the essence of diamond?  It sparkles, but the most common image is of a clear gem.  Diamond is made of carbon, as is a graphite pencil!  If you took geology in school, you may remember the Mohs scale of hardness of rocks, and Diamond is at the top of the scale, with a 10.  In fact, diamond comes from adamant, unbreakable, invincible, unshakeable.  It’s hard because of the way the carbon has crystallized in a different formation than graphite.  Same substance, different shape.  I’ve never felt diamonds are a girl’s best friend, or that they are forever, but I do like sparkle, and glass does that quite well for me!

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  1. Snowcatcher says:

    It’s been fun reading about the different gemstones. This one hits a chord because it was my sister’s birthstone. Thank you for bringing back to the forefront some very precious memories.

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