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Botanical Pendants: UnaOdd’s Lovely Art

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Pendants, originally uploaded by Lynn_EL/UnaOdd.

Back from the Reading-Berks show, where I had the pleasure of meeting Lynn Lunger of UnaOdd. She recognized one of my mosaic mandalas because she’d featured it in a Treasury on Etsy–a Treasury is a collection of items from Etsy that a particular person chooses to collate, and each has its own personality. Lynn makes cool botanical polymer clay & resin pendants, sleek like a well polished stone. She bought one of my log cabin trivets, for a wall in her house. I always enjoy imagining my work living in its new world!



  1. Lynn says:

    Hello! I have to say it was lovely meeting you and your husband as well! The trivet is very happy in its new home… your work is so very lovely. My 9 year-old was studying mosaics in art class and was thrilled to see your piece when I brought it home.
    Thank you for this unexpected little surprise feature! :^)

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