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Bright Star Quilt by Jamee Pemberton

Shaun - Bright Star Quilt by Jamee Pemberton
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Shaun – Bright Star Quilt (detail)by Jamee Pemberton at Keystone Quilters Show 2015. Photo by Wayne Stratz.


Driving to the Keystone Quilters Guild 2015 Quilt Show, Stratoz and I got a bit turned around, but the leaves were gorgeous and snuck in when we weren’t looking.  This Bright Star quilt by Jamee Pemberton caught my eye, with its autumn orange, those little sawteeth along the border.  She made it for her nephew Shaun.

Here is a beautiful piece by pianist Catherine Marie Charlton called Stars Awaken from her Riversong album.  I imagine an awakening star to look something like Jamee Pemberton’s Bright Star.

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