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Caduceus Suncatcher: Symbol of Medical Staff

Stratoz was commissioned to make a caduceus suncatcher in purple, and he decided to make another one for his Stratozpheres Etsy Shop. A friend pointed out the dragonfly quality. Not surprisingly, I love the orange wings.

When I worked as a medical librarian, my predecessor had left behind a cast iron caduceus bookend, which had broken in two. I wonder what happened. A caduceus is the symbol of the US Army Medical Corps, and originally the wand carried by Hermes or Mercury, and often used for the medical profession in general.

There is another symbol, with no wings and just one snake, the staff of Asculapius, a symbol of the god of medicine, and adopted by the American Medical Association. Though I had occasion to see tht symbol most days at the medical library, I had not noticed the difference. The word staff also denotes the professional personnel of a hospital.


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