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Report from the Owen J Roberts Craft Show: An A+

Margaret Almon Mosaics at the Nutmeg Designs Booth
Margaret Almon Mosaics at the Nutmeg Designs Booth

Stratoz and I are back from the 2010 Owen J. Roberts Friends of Arts Craft Show, and we had a great time!  We met a lot of new folks, and quite a few pieces of mosaic and stained glass went to new homes, including my Nautilus Mandala.  My new mosaic pendants were a hit, and I am working on making more.  Stratoz’s penguin suncatcher went to a girl with a penguin theme in her bedroom.  It’s a delight to see children intrigued by our work.

A friend came by and said she’d graduated from this very school 37 years ago, and this was her first time back, which was an interesting coincidence.

Danielle Ewing did a fabulous job of organizing the show and making the crafters feel welcomed, from the free coffee and donut cart each morning, to the booth sitters and wonderfully helpful student volunteers.  Bause-Landry catering had homemade vegetable soup, and some incredible chocolate cake with caramel icing.

There was even a mosaic!  The pillars by the cafeteria are covered in a tile rendition of the school mascot Wildcat paw prints.

Owen J. Roberts High School Mosaic Pillar
Owen J. Roberts High School Mosaic Pillar. Photo by Wayne Stratz.


Mosaic Patchwork Pendants Making Their Debut at OJR Show

Mosaic Pendants by Margaret Almon
Mosaic Pendants by Margaret Almon

Several people have requested I make mosaic jewelry, and I finally took the plunge!   The center pendant is composed of colored gold smalti in a Log Cabin quilt block.  The yellow ochre and blue green pendants are a mixture of gold smalti, glass and ceramic tile, and millefiori.  At first I was a bit intimidated by such a small surface area(1 inch square), but it turned out to be a fun challenge, and I’m excited to make wearable work!

Buy Patchwork Pendants in my Nutmeg Designs Etsy Shop


Getting Ready for the Owen J. Roberts Craft Show March 6-7 2010

Antique Gold and Mother of Pearl Mosaic Frame by Margaret Almon

I’m pleased to report that Stratoz and I will be at the Owen J. Roberts Friends of the Arts 30th Annual Craft Show, March 6-7, 2010, as Nutmeg Designs.  I’ve been in the studio since the holiday shows settled down, and I really liked how this picture frame turned out!  Antique gold VanGogh glass, with all its lovely textured swirls, with accents of Mother of Pearl tile and gold smalti in each corner.  I rescued this frame from a thrift store because of its neat little cut-outs at top and bottom.  Be sure to come to the OJR show to check it out.


Kimberton Waldorf School Juried Craft Show December 4th and 5th 2009

Flying Geese Frame in Aqua by Margaret Almon Kimberton Waldorf School Craft Show

December 4th & 5th, 2009
“Middle Village”(Gym) Booth #G22

Friday December 4th, 6-10pm, Adults Only, admission $10.00

Saturday December 5th, 10am-5pm
(Includes Children’s Festivities, Adult admission $5.00, children free)

Kimberton Waldorf School
410 West Seven Stars Road
Phoenixville, PA 19460

Come for both mosaics and stained glass from Nutmeg Designs.  We are looking forward to what sounds like a delightful show.  Proceeds go toward the Terry Neville Scholarship Fund which allows families with unforseen financial difficulties to keep their children in school.

Der Belsnickel Craft Show November 27th and 28th 2009

Come to Der Belsnickel on November 27th and 28th, 2009.  It will be full strength Nutmeg Designs, as both my mosaics and Wayne’s stained glass will be there!  Look for us in the Bear gym, booth 19.

The hours are:
11:00 AM-7:00 PM (Friday)
10:00 AM-4:00 PM (Saturday)
$4.00 Admission
No charge for children 12 and under.

Boyertown Area High School
4th and Monroe Streets
Boyertown, PA  19512

Nautilus Mandala: New Work For Lancaster


I have a new Nautilus Mandala for the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen Lancaster Show so come check it out in person!  This is 8″ in diameter, and begins at the center with an Italian glass bead swirled with Aventurine, then spirals out into copper smalti alternating with blue silvery smalti, shading into pale blue iridized glass tile, and finally into amber and coppery glass, orange gold smalti and glass tile.  I had some glass squiggles, and I cut them up and interspersed them throughout with a neat effect, because of their rounded shape.  Here’s a closer look:


Sunflower Mandala Chair by Margaret Almon

Chair-ity Auction in Phoenixville 10-17-09

Mosaic Sunflower Mandala Rocking Chair by Margaret Almon
Mosaic Sunflower Mandala Rocking Chair by Margaret Almon

Head out to Phoenixville for a good cause tonight.  My red mosaic mandala rocking chair will be up for bid.  All proceeds go to the Phoenixville Area Children’s Learning Center.  There will be appetizers, wine, beer, desserts & coffee, and the excitement of a live auction.  Tickets are $25 at the door.

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Mosaicing a chair for the Chair-Ity Auction in Phoenixville

Rain or Shine! PA Guild Fine Craft Fair 10/17-10/18, 2009

Cynthia K. Prediger Blue Pendant
Cynthia K. Prediger Blue Pendant

I was pleased to discover that the Bucks Chapter Group booth has been moved into the big tent, sheltered from the rain.  We put up our outdoor tents inside the big tent, and figured out how to fit 6 of us.  Fortunately, our crafts really work well together, and it’s fun to see the variety.  The necklace pictured here is by Cynthia K. Prediger, one of the talented Bucks Guild members in the booth with me.  She has fearless creativity!


A Car Load of Fine Crafts: Headed to Wilmington

Don't mess with spatial-guy. Captured this portrait of Stratoz, after his successful loading of a 10ftx10ft booth into the Honda Fit.  That’s 9 knock-down Pro Panels, 2 tables, tablecloths, tile stands, bubble wrap, 4 boxes of mosaics, a chair, lighting, and a cart to dolly it all in.

We are all settled in to booth #422, with Elizabeth’s Lace Tatted Jewelry next door, which is very cool since I’ve admired her work ever since Stratoz bought me a tatted lace pin for Christmas.

Jonathan’s Spoons is across the aisle.  I have an ergonomic spoon from him that is a delight to use.

And catty-corner are members of my chapter of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, Bucks Guild Group Booth.

Over at Stratoz:

After the Show

The Fit is Not Go

Getting Ready for the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen Summer Show

I am in the beginning of the whirlwind.  Mosaics on every available flat surface, ready for photographing and putting into my inventory program Artist’s Butler(the closest I’ll ever get to actually having a butler!)  A new director’s chair is assembled, thanks to Stratoz and some major yanking and tugging.  I’m gathering the new work, contemplating getting it into the Honda Fit.  Actually, Stratoz will be using his spatial-ability superpowers to get it all in.

I’m excited to be bringing some new trivets, not only with new designs, but using the beautiful woodwork of Wood By Dami, Mindy & David Spray.  They are new juried members of the Bucks Chapter of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, and when I saw their trivet frames made with contrasting species of wood, I felt inspired.  Working with new materials helps expand my creative thinking, a synergy.  As David Spray notes on their website, “Furniture has been called accessible sculpture because we all live with it, touch it, and interact with it everyday.”  I am grateful I’ve had the chance to interact with this sculptural form, and that I can use my hands to create.

On July 25th, 10-6 & 26th, 10-5, stop by my booth, #422!  I’m listed under Nutmeg Designs.

Wood by Dami will be in the Bucks Guild of Craftsmen booth, #410, so be sure to check them out as well, along with other cool Bucks member crafts including weaving, and jewelry.

PA Guild Summer Show