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Coffee Before and After the Audubon Craft Show at Cocoon

We woke up to a power outage and we drove to the Cocoon Coffeehouse in hopes it would come back on in time for coffee. They said there was just enough left in the pot but luckily it came back on for a second cup, leek cheddar quiche and homemade granola. Not surprisingly, Cocoon is owned by the Settlers Inn.

The location is at the Hawley Silk Mill, in what was a Silk Vault where silk and cocoons were stored protected from fire(like the one they had in 1894!). We had known Mill on previous trips as The Castle, a wonderland of antiques and reproductions, which sadly closed since our last visit to Hawley. But it is cool that the Mill will be opening as a branch of Lackawanna College, joining Cocoon in creative reuse.

After our day at Audubon Art and Craft Festival we stopped in again for coffee, Italian ricotta cookies, free wifi, and enjoyable chatting with the manager, who recommended Joe and Lorenzo's for dinner since we were looking for something less than crazy expensive.   I had baked gnocchi with their own marinara sauce.  I meant to order regular gnocchi, but the addition of ricotta and mozzarella was quite delicious.

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  1. Maira Grove says:

    Sounds delightful… Mmmm, ricotta cheese cookies! Too late to make some. Probably better when you are far away from home in a somewhat magical place.

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