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F is For Forty Five

Mosaic House Number by Nutmeg Designs
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Mosaic House Number by Nutmeg Designs

Forty Five is the number on my house, and has two F’s for the A to Z Challenge!  45 belongs to the set of numbers that fascinated me when I was in elementary school.  It’s a multiple of 9, 9×5, and its digits, 4+5, add up to 9, as do 18, 27, 36, 54, 63, 72, 81 and 90.  I felt like I had discovered the secret of the universe when I learned this trick.  On another math note, with more F’s, in 2011 I am 43, and my husband is 47, and we are both prime numbers at the same time, ie. a number that is only divisible by itself and the number 1.


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