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Film Noir Mosaic Jewelry Series from Nutmeg Designs: Elegance in Black and White

Presenting a new series of wearable mosaic art in black and white, Film Noir!    I was having breakfast with my friend Joanne Leva, creator and Executive Director of the Montgomery County Poet Laureate Program, and she mentioned their new project, Poetry Noir, where poets are challenged write poems inspired by black and white Film Noir, films that are hardboiled crime drama with the deep shadows and the tough talking characters of the 1940’s United States.  I immediately had an image of mosaic jewelry in black and white, and went home and got out my black, silver, white, and gray glass and ceramic tile, in speckled, spotted, iridized, shiny and matte finishes and even some millefiori.  I love playing with color but the challenge of staying with black and white was a lot of fun.

Film Noir Pendant by Margaret Almon Mosaics
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If you are looking for something elegant and different to wear with to a formal occasion, or on a dark and stormy night, I will posting more pieces to Nutmeg Designs on Etsy, as well as bringing the collection to shows.

And check out the Poetry Noir program for a creative way to play with words.  I was the Montgomery County Poet Laureate in 2000, and had the pleasure of getting to know Joanne, and be part of the burgeoning poetry community in Montgomery County, and now I am finding another way to express creativity with my mosaics.


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