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Gratitude and Grace

Joy by Nutmeg Designs
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Joy by Nutmeg Designs

As Thanksgiving approaches, I’ve been reflecting on gratitude.  In curiosity, I looked up the etymology of “gratitude” and discovered it is linked to the word “grace” which is God’s favor or help, a pleasing quality, favor, good will, or thanks, praise, celebration, and moving deeper into resonances of beautiful form or movement, grace before meals as a form of gratitude, and finally to “grace someone with your presence.”

Gratitude is a wide place, an open space, a place where joy arises.

This year I am grateful for:

My husband, who truly does grace me with his presence and enthusiasm for my very being.

My art, and the gift of being able to direct my creative energies into making mosaics and sharing them with others.

My friends, who provide an abundance of good will, who take the suffering out of pain and sorrow, and celebrate all that is delightful in this life.

I will be more than glad to say grace before this all, out of incomprehensible blessing.

Over at Stratoz:

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