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A Cure for January: Orange Daylillies and Tumeric

January Orange
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January Cure in Orange. Photo by Wayne Stratz.

For the third year, Stratoz and I are doing the January Cure at Apartment Therapy, a kind of Spring Cleaning in the winter time. My favorite task is buying flowers.  It had never occurred to me to buy flowers when there were none in the garden, and the infusion of color does me good in the bleak midwinter.  The less favored tasks  include cleaning out the fridge and the pantry. I found a 10 year old jar of turmeric, which in its brilliance still glows yellow-orange. It’s not that we’ve neglected to use turmeric, but that it was a large bottle, and we’ve depleted it slowly, half a teaspoon at a time.  It has become a resident of the house, living here almost as long as we have.  I suspect a new bottle will knock us over with its hue.   

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