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Orange is All Around

Orange and Copper Patchwork Mosaic Tile by Margaret Almon
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Orange and Copper Patchwork Mosaic Tile by Margaret Almon.

Fall is my favorite season, in part because there’s so much orange in the landscape.  I finished this Orange and Copper Patchwork Tile, and was happy to finally find a use for a couple strips of fusible glass in a cool leopard-like pattern that a friend gave me when I first started making mosaics.  It’s always been a challenge for me to use something I really love, as if saving it in a drawer is safer than risking ruining it, but making art has helped me see the joy in using what delights my eye, and it’s worth the risk.  Making my patchworks feels like a special treat, as I get out dishes and dishes of tesserae, and improvise.

What are you holding onto?

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