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P is for Poet Laureate of Montgomery County, PA

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The new 2011 Poet Laureate of Montgomery County, Amy Small-McKinney, will be reading at the MCPL Awards ceremony at the Ambler Theater, April 20th, 2011, along with judge Christopher Bursk.  Stratoz and I are pleased to be participating in the festivities with a display of mosaics and stained glass inspired or described by poetry.  Before I found my passion making mosaics, I was writing poetry, and was selected by Robert Pinsky to be the 2000 Poet Laureate of Montgomery County.  Joanne Leva, creator and director of the MCPL program, has become a dear friend, and she has been with me every step of the way during my evolution from poet to mosaic artist.  It should not have surprised me that Joanne’s undergraduate degree was in graphic design and sculpture!  Creativity crosses boundaries of genres of the arts, from writing, to visual art, to music, dance and beyond.  Here is a poem with vivid imagery, Clear Moon, Frost, from Amy Small-McKinney:


Clear Moon, Frost

How I have used
the vowel’s scalpel

How I heard scraping on the sill
and swore it was fear

How you tried to tell me
of forgiveness

How I have come to love the leaf
at my window The mouth that disappears

–Amy Small-McKinney


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  1. Debbie Young says:

    Lovely. Especially “The mouth that disappears”. Again, your comments on creativity crossing boundaries is inspiring. Thanks!
    (How do I subscribe to your comments?)

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