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Art Deco Spiral Mirror Makes its Way

Art Deco Mirror by Nutmeg Designs
Art Deco Mirror by Nutmeg Designs with Wayne Stratz Selfie, $341. SOLD.

Our visit to Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton NJ was on the way to deliver the Art Deco mirror to a client. Stratoz had drafted the design and cut out the black stained glass pieces, gluing them to the mirror frame. I then had the mirror in my studio for several months, waiting while I created house number commissions.

Collaborative pieces remind me of jazz improvisation ~ the listening between musicians.  What I heard in the smooth black glass, was a desire for silver contrast, for textures and speckling and mottling.  The focal point arch at the top spoke in white gold nails ~ offcuts that are considered seconds by the factory, but which had the right shape to fan out.

Our client had cleared a space for the mirror, got the nail ready for hanging, and she showed us the gray violet wall, and the vase of white peacock feathers adjacent, echoing the shape of the white gold.  Another conversation begins.

* * *

It was a day of spirals, with two cool ones at the sculpture park.

Karl Stirner Steel Sculpture
Karl Stirner Steel Sculpture, Untitled(1987-1992), Grounds for Sculpture Hamilton, NJ. Photo by Wayne Stratz. Inadvertent inclusion of Margaret Almon.
Urchin Bronze Sculpture by Howard Kalish
Urchin Bronze Sculpture by Howard Kalish(2001), Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ. Photo by Wayne Stratz(2015).