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Luminous Beauty by Nutmeg Designs

You are required to make something beautiful: A Conversation with Shawna Lemay

Luminous Beauty by Nutmeg Designs
Luminous Beauty by Nutmeg Designs. Glass and Mother of Pearl on wood, 12×6 inches. $215.

Author Shawna Lemay invited me into conversation about beauty on her blog Transactions With Beauty. I was curious where the title Transactions with Beauty originated, and then I read the quote on Shawna’s About page. The phrase comes from Rumi, the 13th Century Muslim poet from Persia.

I feel an affinity for Shawna. She is from my hometown of Edmonton, AB, a poet, art lover and photographer, and in search of beauty. You are required to make something beautiful.

I repeat, you are required to make something beautiful. Even if it’s a single line in your diary, a photograph, a row of knitting, or an arrangement of flowers on the windowsill. Clarice Lispector writes in her book, A Breath of Life, “Sometimes writing a single line is enough to save your own heart.” And what’s interesting is that reading her line has the same effect, as in, it has the power to save the reader’s heart, to save mine. For who can read what is so simple and true without feeling as though one’s own heart has been saved? (Shawna Lemay)

I started the conversation with Shawna’s questions, finding what I had written about beauty on my blog to have something on the page rather than the uncertainty of where to begin. I discovered that seeking beauty is a thread throughout my writing. As I continued to consider Shawna’s questions, I slowly eased out the copied text and into my answers. Beauty is not always immediately apparent. Sometimes it is revealed bit by bit.

Read the interview here: Margaret Almon – A Mosaic is a Conversation.

Luminous Beauty on Etsy for purchase

orange and red paisley gazing ball

Orange and Red Paisley Mosaic Gazing Ball: New Life for a Bowling Ball

orange and red paisley gazing ball
Orange and Red Paisley Gazing Ball by Margaret Almon.

A friend commissioned this gazing ball, using her father’s old bowling ball as the base.

Jump over to Wendy Edsall-Kerwin’s Hammermarks Blog on Wednesday, March 20th, 2013, around 10:00 am EST when the post will be up, to read my mosaic bowling ball guest post
about the process of creating this mosaic.

Orange Leaves. Photo ©Kerri Farley

Guest Post by Kerri Farley: Orange Leaves

Orange Leaves. Photo ©Kerri Farley
Orange Leaves. Photo © Kerri Farley

“Everything’s interesting. You just have to look closely.
And most people don’t.” ~ James Sallis

I first discovered Kerri Farley’s nature photography through twitter, and then she purchased one of my mosaic pendants.  She loved it, and proposed a giveaway of another pendant on her blog A Little Piece of Me.  I took that opportunity to ask her to guest post for Orange Tuesday.  Kerri pairs her photos with quotes about art and creativity and inspiration, and chose this one from James Sallis to go with her photo Orange Leaves.  I enjoy Kerri’s close observation of these leaves, and the glowing color and detail, down to the dark red veins.

Kerri’s Cafe Press Shop

More Orange Goodness at my Orange Tuesdays Pinterest Board.

Margaret Almon Mosaics Top Ten Crushes at Gnovember: My First Guest Post Ever


Angie over at gnomeangel kindly invited me to write a guest on my top ten crushes[edited 10/15: no longer on gnomeangel’s site] as part of her “gnovember” extravaganza!  She is from Australia, so my post has already been up all night.  You can check out some mosaics she introduced me to from her country at Mosaics in Australia: gnomeangel introduces me to some favorites.  Here’s a sneak peak of the first crush, and be sure to head over to gnomeangel’s site to check out the rest!

Top Ten Crushes:  Margaret Almon Mosaics

1. Log Cabins

Log Cabin quilt squares are a marvel of design, and turning the pattern into mosaics is a passion of mine.