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Orange Stained Glass Star by Staci Klemmer. Photo by Wayne Stratz.

An Orange Star on a Wall of Lights: Glad Tidings

Orange Stained Glass Star by Staci Klemmer. Photo by Wayne Stratz.
Orange Stained Glass Star by Staci Klemmer. Photo by Wayne Stratz.

A surprise gift for me from Staci Klemmer, client and friend ~ a stained glass star, in orange of course! I hung it from the Wall of Lights, which keep me infused with color during the long winter months.

Staci used to live around the corner from us, and we discovered she is a colleague in stained glass with Stratoz. They worked together to create a cross for their church.  Stratoz designed it, and Staci made it so.

Cross for Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Lansdale. Designed by Wayne Stratz and Realized by Staci Klemmer.
Cross for Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Lansdale. Designed by Wayne Stratz and Realized by Staci Klemmer.

Commission your cross.

Celtic Cross by Margaret Almon

From Moravian Simplicity to Episcopal Exuberance with a Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross by Margaret Almon
Celtic Episcopal Cross by Margaret Almon in orange, azure and cobalt blue, glass, gold smalti, millefiori center, on slate, 6×8 inches.

I grew up in the Moravian Church, which is Protestant and often modest, plain and simple in church buildings.  I suspect my home church, Edmonton Moravian, falls in the category of mid-century modern, which is the descriptor of much of my built world in the 1970’s.


Edmonton Moravian Church
Edmonton Moravian Church via Stella Blu on Flickr.

The flat roof puzzles me, since surely it was a resting place for several feet of snow every winter.  The font for the Moravian Church sign is san serif, and simple.  Those 3 entry doors opened into a foyer lined with coat racks for all the winter garments.  As a girl, I loved being surrounded by the friendly people of this church, as I looked for my coat after service.


Amber Windows at Edmonton Moravian Church
Amber Windows at Edmonton Moravian Church via PinkMoose on Flickr.

I remember writing a poem, searching for imagery to describe the sanctuary: a bungalow rec room.  Looking at a photo many years later, I see Danish Modern with the blonde wooden pews.


Edmonton Moravian Sanctuary with Ritchie Trombone Choir
Edmonton Moravian Sanctuary with Ritchie Trombone Choir via their Website

The first Catholic sanctuary I entered surprised me with the sheer quantity of decoration, color and sparkle.  Stratoz attends an Episcopal church, more ornate than my childhood church, but not overwhelming.  I discovered that the Celtic cross form, with the halo, is also referred to as an Episcopal cross, and Stratoz’s church has several of them.

Let Justice Roll Down.
Let Justice Roll Down. Holy Trinity Episcopal, Lansdale. Photo by Wayne Stratz.

I ponder my travels from the plain church into a love of liturgical art with color and iridescence, and my most recent Celtic cross in orange and shades of blue.  The simple is beautiful in its own way, and I responded to that whole-heartedly.  I also was surrounded by beautiful music, as Moravians cherish music, and yes, trombones.

For a musical treat check out Ritchie Trombone Choir’s mp3’s, including the graceful Handel and the swinging Green Dolphin Street.


by: Georg Friedrich Händel

Green Dolphin Street
by: Ned Washington

I Was a Stranger and You Welcomed Me: Painting by Anne-Lise Hammann Jeannot for the World Day of Prayer 2013

World Day of Prayer 2013.
World Day of Prayer 2013. Painting by Anne-Lise Hammann Jeannot.

Friday, March 1st, 2013, is the World Day of Prayer, with this year’s service created by Christian women in France.  Stratoz brought this poster home from his church, Holy Trinity Episcopal Lansdale, and the orange caught my eye.  The art is by Anne-Lise Hammann Jeannot, a painter from France.  She eloquently describes her vision of the 2013 theme “I was a stranger and you welcomed me,”

Since my work borders on abstraction, I have attempted in this painting, to translate the idea of a stranger by a silhouette painted only with grays, deliberately separate from the other colors because of the fact that, in essence, it is different. Playing with lines and lighter colors – nearing on white, I have attempted to represent light, to include the character in this light that comes from above, from the sky, travelling through space to encompass the stranger. Equally the light shines forth from the group, symbolized by shapes or stones in the lower part of the painting. A circle is created and it welcomes the character. I wanted the entire scene to be bathed in a warm and colorful atmosphere, and so I used colors to demonstrate the festive nature, the impact of the encounter, the openness to others.

Anne Lise Hammann


Every year the program is created by women in a different country, and women’s groups bring some of that country into their services around the world.  The Chef, my friend at Good Food Happy Man, contributed some recipes, and we will be making some “strong cheese” and procuring baguettes at Alice Bakery for part of the refreshments.  The prayer focus this year is immigrant women, and how to embody the welcoming spirit.

More orange at my Orange Tuesdays Pinterest Board.