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Nutmeg Designs at Kimberton Waldorf School 35th Annual Juried Craft Show, December 2 & 3, 2011

Hope in the Desert by Nutmeg Designs
Hope in the Desert by Nutmeg Designs, glass on slate, 10×6 inches.


The 2011 Kimberton Waldorf School Craft Show is here and Nutmeg Designs is glad to be part of it!  I have an affinity for this show, where students sell their handmade gifts alongside us, and fulfill the Waldorf philosophy as described at Why Waldorf Works:

Waldorf teachers believe that the human being is not just a brain – but a being with heart and limbs – a being of will and feeling, as well as of intellect… Here the arts and practical skills make their essential contribution, educating not only heart and hand but, in very real ways, the brain as well.

If you live in the greater Philadelphia area, come by and feed your heart with beauty!  Stratoz and I are especially glad hearted to bring our latest Hope mosaic, Hope in the Desert, a collaboration of our heart and hands.  We are in the gym, across from the stage(which is full of delightful crafts made by Waldorf students.)  Did I mention the dessert room?

Commission your Word

Sign of Hope from Nutmeg Designs

Pale Pink Hope by Nutmeg Designs
Pale Pink Hope by Nutmeg Designs(2009). One of our very first word signs.


Stratoz designed the lettering for this mosaic, and cut it from iridescent pale pink glass.  I glued it to a Pennsylvania slate base, and constructed a background of stained glass, iridized glass tile, and custom colored dusty pink grout.  [One of our very first collaboration signs]

Growing up with the common wisdom that brunettes are suited to pink, I had an aversion to it.  In my first ballet class, I was the only girl who chose the blue leotard.  Slowly, I have found my eye drawn to pink glass, and at first I ignored the attraction.  Afterall, we’d bought a house in spite of pink carpet in practically every room save the kitchen, and I’d agreed knowing that we would rip it out as soon as could.  But still, pink is growing on me, and as a symbol of breast cancer awareness, I have many women in my life who have faced this disease, and pink can be a symbol of their courage.