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Lalique Perfume Bottle: Bouchon Mures at the Corning Museum of Glass

Perfume Bottle Bouchon mures (Berry Stopper) 1920 Rene Lalique
Perfume Bottle Bouchon Mures (Berry Stopper), 1920, Rene Lalique. Corning Museum of Glass. Photo by Wayne Stratz.

Lalique takes the form of a bottle stopper and lets it unfurl into branches heavy with fruit.  I imagine the rounded topography of the berries, the bead-like drupelets.  I wondered if there was an ombre berry like the ones in Lalique’s imagination, and found salmonberries.  Sometimes when I eat raw berries my lips swell like drupelets, but in cooked in a pie I am ready to take them on.

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Lalique Goldfish

goldfish in Orange: Rene Lalique Vase, Formose (Formosa), 1924

Rene Lalique Vase: Formose (Formosa), 1924

The Lalique exhibit at The Corning Museum of Glass (until January, 4, 2015)is a treasure trove of orange.  Stratoz took this photo of the Formose goldfish vase for me.  The fins flow gracefully together enveloping the surface.  It was made by blowing a gather of hot glass into a mold ~ mold-blown glass.