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Lalique Perfume Bottle: Bouchon Mures at the Corning Museum of Glass

Perfume Bottle Bouchon mures (Berry Stopper) 1920 Rene Lalique
Perfume Bottle Bouchon Mures (Berry Stopper), 1920, Rene Lalique. Corning Museum of Glass. Photo by Wayne Stratz.

Lalique takes the form of a bottle stopper and lets it unfurl into branches heavy with fruit.  I imagine the rounded topography of the berries, the bead-like drupelets.  I wondered if there was an ombre berry like the ones in Lalique’s imagination, and found salmonberries.  Sometimes when I eat raw berries my lips swell like drupelets, but in cooked in a pie I am ready to take them on.

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Margaret and Wayne Oregon Coast

O is for Oregon and the Years of Poetry, Rain, Lava and the Coast, A to Z Challenge 2013

Margaret and Wayne Oregon Coast
Margaret and Wayne Oregon Coast, 1991. Photo by Bert Almon.


O is for Oregon, where Stratoz and I lived from 1990-1993.  I had enrolled in the MFA program at the University of Oregon in Eugene, and we drove our belongings in a red Honda Civic Hatchback, with a car-top carrier almost as big as the car itself.  Our families enjoyed our stay in Oregon, because of the dramatic beauty of the landscape, and the opportunity to visit the rocky coastline, the Three Sisters mountains, the lava beds from the Sisters’ start as volcanos, and waterfalls,  all of which were within two hours drive from Eugene.   It rained all winter, and then the summer was hot and dry.

Margaret and Wayne on Lava Bed
Margaret and Wayne on Lava Bed, 1991. Photo by Bert Almon.

The University of Oregon had a beautiful art museum, across the quad from my teaching assistant office in the English Department.  The doors had graceful  ironwork by I. K. Tuerck, and the squirrel motif was my favorite.  Oregon was where Stratoz and I got married in 1992.

Squirrel Ironwork at University of Oregon Art Museum
Squirrel Ironwork by I. K. Tuerck at University of Oregon Art Museum, 1992. Photo by Margaret Almon.


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