• Suzi Beber says:

        I am so happy to have it in my “Secret Not So Secret Garden.” I love when people come to visit, and they come upon different pieces of art work. My Smiling Blue Skies gazing ball, is, of course a star attraction!!! It will be incredible next year, when it is surrounded by Siberian Iris.

        “Smiling Blue Skies” is named for The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund, the only fund of its kind in Canada, supporting precious pets and people too, as part of the University of Guelph OVC Pet Trust. Smiling Blue Skies was our Golden Retriever, Blues . . . Can CH Teacherspet Smiling Blue Skies, who we lost to lymphoma in the spring of 2001. The gardens celebrate his life and memory.

        I am thankful to Margaret!

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