1. LOL! I’ve never had anyone ask me if I’m for real! But yes, I am, and I loved how this chair turned out. The rocker belonged to a friend who had a flood and didn’t have time to decorate the rocker for a Chair-ity Auction for a chldren’s center, so I took over the project, and it was a pleasure.

  2. Bekah says:

    Whatever! This is awesome. I think my favorite part is the back of the chair. Something about how the colors flow out from the center. Anyway, love it!

  3. Holyoke Home says:

    WOW!!!! Not that it isn’t COMPLETELY incredible right now, but I wonder what it would look like with the wood painted glossy black? I think it might pop even more (as it that was even remotely possible.)

  4. Alexandra says:

    Oh, Margaret, this is sooo pretty. It’s a chair to have and to put a rope around it with a sign for visitors and family that says “this is a work of art, do not seat”. Love it!

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