R is for Rutilant: A to Z Challenge 2014


atoz [2014] - BANNER - 910


Mackintosh Rose Log Cabin Stained Glass by Wayne Stratz.

Mackintosh Rose Log Cabin Stained Glass by Wayne Stratz.


Looking for an R for the A to Z challenge, I discovered rutilant: glowing or glittering with red or golden light.  This stained glass piece by Stratoz captures both red and golden.  I love finding a new word that has relevance to the art around me.

Q is for Quercitron: A to Z Challenge 2014

atoz [2014] - BANNER - 910

Summer Chintz Spread from the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

Summer Chintz Spread(circa 1830)from the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum


When I think of drab, I think of dull, but it actually refers to a color scheme made from quercitron dye, which includes shades of yellow, brown, orange and green.  Quercitron was derived from the yellow inner bark of the black oak tree, and an Englishman observed the process in the US in 1785 and took out a patent in Britain, naming it after Quercus(oak) and Citrina(yellow).  The type of mordent used to fix the quercitron dye produced the array of colors.

P is for Primary Colors by OK Go: A to Z Challenge 2014

atoz [2014] - BANNER - 910

You can’t go wrong with stop motion video, OK Go and color mixing.


O is for Orange Light: A to Z Challenge 2014

Stained Glass Wings by Wayne Stratz.

Orange light may help us wake up like a cup of coffee.  A 2014 study by Gilles Vandewalle has the poetic conclusion that, ” A burst of orange light wakes up our ‘circadian eye.’”  Orange is awesome.  


N is for Neon Spreading Illusion: A to Z Challenge 2014

Blue Neon Madonna in Dunmore, PA. Photo by Margaret Almon

The first time we witnessed the Blue Neon Madonna(not her real name), Stratoz and I were startled.  She has a blue mantle of other-worldliness.  Another favorite neon was Electronic Superhighway by Nam June Paik.   Neon signs combine glass tubes with inert gases and electrification to create a gorgeous glow.  I love neon signs, but [...]


M is for Mauve: A to Z Challenge 2014

Spiral Mosaic Mandala by Margaret Almon

  When I saw Simon Garfield’s book on the color mauve, I checked it out of the library immediately.  I wasn’t a mauve enthusiast, but the idea of a whole book about one color was intriguing. William Perkin(1838-1907) was experimenting with coal tar, in hopes of finding a cure for malaria, but instead noticed an [...]


L is for Light Receptors: A to Z Challenge 2014


Mixing primary color paint is an ingrained memory from elementary school.  Mixing light is much less familiar, and watching this video was a bit unnerving.  If you mix red and green light, our brains will interpret it as yellow light.  I was staggered by the complexity of interpretation on the part of the brain, creating [...]


K is for Hilma af Klint: A to Z Challenge 2014

Hilma af Klint: Group IX/UW, No. 25, The Dove, No. 1, 1915, 151 × 114.5 cm, Oil on canvas. Foto: Henrik Grundsted. Courtesy: Stiftelsen Hilma af Klints Verk.

    Hilma af Klint(1862-1944), was of the first generation of Swedish women allowed into Sweden’s art schools.  She discovered spiritualism and attributed her paintings to a higher consciousness working through her, and she and four of her friends were influenced by Theosophy and Rudolf Steiner.  I discovered this in the middle of reading Rudolf [...]


J is for Alfred Jensen: A to Z Challenge 2014

Stratoz was pleased to find a J for me, Alfred Jensen(1903-1981), since his jazz doodle was set to Christine and Ingrid Jensen.   Alfred Jensen incorporated diagrams, numerical systems, textiles from Guatamala, and the color theory of Goethe into his paintings.  His work contains both the mandala like circular forms and quilt patterning that I [...]


I is for Johannes Itten: A to Z Challenge 2014

I found a copy of Johannes Itten’s book The Art of Color at a rummage sale.  Itten was a Swiss Expressionist painter influential on artists of the Bauhaus. Itten taught about color in the face of the belief that either you were good with color or you were not. Most instructive was Itten’s statement that, [...]

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