Wordless Wednesday: Bobo Cat in a Box

Bobo cat in a box

Our neighbor cat found the plant box on the porch. Photo by Wayne Stratz.

Wordless Wednesday: Asymmetric Log Cabin Mosaic in Virescent Green

Asymmetric Log Cabin Mosaic by Margaret Almon

Asymmetric Log Cabin Mosaic by Margaret Almon. Glass on wood, 8×8 inches.

Color Collecting: The Pantone Project

Tangerine Glass Tiles

Tangerine Glass Tiles in the Studio.

I have been on Instagram since 2013, and I started to notice photos matching objects to Pantone Color Postcards.  This is the only card game I would enjoy playing.  I ordered the box of 100 Pantone Postcards awhile ago, because I couldn’t resist a box of color, but I couldn’t bring myself to actually send them through the mail.  The Pantone Project, as it is called, gives me a use for my cards.  There is something satisfying about finding something that matches a card, or in finding the right card to match something that has caught my eye.  Of course I started with orange!

In reading about the history of this project, I discovered the artist who began it, Paul Octavious.

To see more of my Pantone Project check out Nutmeg Designs Instagram.


Real-World Hues Meet Their Pantone Partners

Wordless Wednesday: A Rainbow of Pendants

ROY G BIV by Margaret Almon[more...]

Beauty in the Ionic Structure of Glass by Dominick Labino

Ionic Structure of Glass by Dominick Labino

Our 2014 pilgrimage to Corning Museum of Glass brought us in front of Dominick Labino’s Ionic Structure of Glass, 5 feet across, set into a wall, backlit and glowing like a rose window.  It hasn’t been on display for 15 years, since the first renovation of the Corning Museum. Labino was an industrial engineer who […]


Wordless Wednesday: Portulaca and Mosaic Bowling Ball

Portulaca and Mosaic Bowling Ball[more...]

goldfish in Orange: Rene Lalique Vase, Formose (Formosa), 1924


The Lalique exhibit at The Corning Museum of Glass (until January, 4, 2015)is a treasure trove of orange.  Stratoz took this photo of the Formose goldfish vase for me.  The fins flow gracefully together enveloping the surface.  It was made by blowing a gather of hot glass into a mold ~ mold-blown glass.          

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