Wordless Wednesday: Gifts from The Chef who shares my birthday

Pie from the Chef

Black Raspberry, Strawberry, Blueberry  Pie from the Chef of Good Food Happy Man on a placemat from Birds of the Air Quilts.  Heaven.

Honeysuckle Jelly

The Chef saw a yard sign for Honeysuckle Jelly and thought Stratoz and I would appreciate a jar for our toast.

Round Rainbow Mirror Commissioned from Nutmeg Designs

Round Rainbow Mirror Commissioned by the Chef and Big Red


For your enjoyment:

Good Food Happy Man

Birds of the Air Quilts

Cathy Vaughn and Copper Art from Tracery 157

Greenwood Road by Cathy Vaughn

Greenwood Road
dimensions: 24″ x 36″
©Cathy Vaughn, Tracery 157
notes: Fig and butterfly bush leaves harvested from friends’ garden on their wedding day. A secondary exposure with catalpa leaves encircles the composition, representing the witnesses at the wedding.


What of the pleasures of doing craft shows is meeting new artists.  Cathy Vaughn of Tracery 157  introduced herself, as we have Phoenix Handcraft as a  friend in common.  She came up from Richmond, VA with her copper art.  Her booth caught my eye right away.  Copper is a vehicle for orange in its most earthy beautiful forms.  As additional pleasure, I learned a new word, Tracery:

Tracery – In architecture, bars, or ribs, used decoratively in windows or other openings; the term also applies to similar forms used in relief as wall decoration (sometimes called blind tracery), and hence, figuratively, to any intricate line pattern.*

*excerpted from http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/601424/tracery

Callenwolde Tryptic by Cathy Vaughn of Tracery 157

Callenwolde Tryptic dimensions: Center panel is 72″ tall; each panel is 20″ wide.
medium: 1/2″ copper pipe and fittings with cold forged detailing and hand rubbed waxed finish. ©Cathy Vaughn, Tracery 157


The copper panels are a new direction, with botanical imprints leaving layered color and texture.  The process can be guided, but there are surprises and happy accidents that motivate more experimentation.

Two Tulips by Cathy Vaughn of Tracery 157

Two Tulips
dimensions: 24″ x 36″
©Cathy Vaughn, Tracery 157
notes: Two Tulip tree leaves composed along an abstract horizon, with white mulberry leaf roots. Fiery oranges and reds accentuate the landscape and sky.

Cathy Vaughn had purchased a 10×3 foot sheet of copper to divide up and test out, but she kept a bigger piece, 6×3 feet. She planned to cut up for a woven panel, but the botanical print revealed when she lifted the tarp was complete in itself.  In person, the panels have a lovely glossy sheen from a coat of resin that protects the surface.

Redbud by Cathy Vaughn

Red Bud
34″ x 46″
©Cathy Vaughn, Tracery 157
notes: This panel is my first fully-composed large scale etching. The leaves were harvested from a Red bud tree in Beaverdam, VA; the owner has suggested this was the highest and best use of those leaves. The leaves are arranged both vein-side and face-side down, and you can see that each way renders a different impression.

Check out more Designs in Copper at Tracery 157.

On the Trail of Calligraphy: Margaret Shepherd

Cat Print by Margaret Shepherd

Cat Print by Margaret Shepherd


There is a quote that has circulated with great vigor on the internet ether, “Sometimes your only available mode of transportation is a leap of faith.”  It is attributed to Margaret Shepard, and as I searched to find more about the author, nothing came up except more permutations of the quote and then finally, someone mentioned this Margaret is a calligrapher. Then I found Margaret Shepherd, and I suspect the quote is an example for calligraphy in one of her books.

Margaret Shepherd, Author and Calligrapher

Margaret Shepherd, Author and Calligrapher

I had been eager to move from printing to cursive in the 2nd grade.  I loved making the joins, and studying the letter forms.  When I was a junior high student, I bought a book about learning calligraphy(which may have even been written by Margaret Shepherd), and some of those chisel tipped pens that purport to be the key to beautiful writing.  I carried the book and pen around for many moves, but calligraphy happened in mostly my imagination.  For someone who lived for reading, an art that incorporated words was thrilling, but again, I was first and foremost a reader, not a calligrapher.

Margaret Shepherd helped create the Boston Calligraphy Trail, which I hadn’t known about, and which sounds wonderful.  There are 26 beautiful letters to discover in the Boston Public Library and surrounding neighborhoods by following the trail guide.  On her blog she writes of returning from Finland with photos of Art Nouveau lettering and numbers.  I love that she was photographing typography in the wild.

Ruach for Frank.  The Breath of Life.  Nutmeg Designs

Ruach for Frank. Commissioned for inspiration while he was in the hospital. The Breath of Life, glass on slate, 12×12 inches, © 2015 Nutmeg Designs.

As someone who spends a lot of time surrounding letters and numbers with glass mosaic, I do now practice a craft that incorporates reading.  Many leaps of faith led me to this work.


Wordless Wednesday: Rainbow Squared

Rainbow Squared by Margaret Almon[more...]

Getting Ready for Wilmington: Orange Ombre Mirror

Orange Ombre Mirror by Margaret Almon

On July 25 & 26th, 2015, I will have my work at the Pennsylvania Guild Fine Craft Fair at the Chase Center in Wilmington, DE.  I am shepherding my mosaics out of the studio and down the stairs for staging on the dining room table.  I’ve been reading Gretchen Rubin’s book on habits, Better than […]


In the Fabric’s Path: Orna Shahar’s Spiral Quilt

In the Fabric's Path Quilt by Orna Shahar

In the Fabric’s Path was one of my favorites at the 2014 Pennsylvania Quilt Extravaganza.  Orna Shahar belongs to the Israel Quilters Association, and also to Encounters Art Quilt Group, with 16 Israeli quilters who meet to learn from each other, and learn from other art forms such as origami, ceramic, metal, papercutting, and glass. Quilting has been […]


Summer Crop of Mosaic Pendants

Summer Crop of Mosaic Pendants by Margaret Almon.  Glass, ceramic, dichroic, mirror, gold smalti, 1 inch square, ©2015

Get your pendant here.

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