Bursting with Orange and Ones: Harmonious House Number

Harmonious House Number by Nutmeg Designs

Harmonious House Number in Warm Colors by Nutmeg Designs. Glass on slate, 12×8 inches.

I am grateful there are people who desire red, orange and yellow house numbers.  This one went to Berkeley, CA.  Their number is gifted with the numeral one in three out of four of the digits.  Ones are both simple to surround in glass, and difficult to join up with neighboring numbers.  The clients queried us because they had a vision for spacing the ones, so they weren’t as gawky and lonely, and I appreciated this concern.  It can seem as if ones and fives are numbers from different planets.

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Hopscotch Chakras Complete


Hopscotch Chakras by Nutmeg Designs. Glass on wood, 7×21 inches inches.

Aldora: Orange Butterfly Winged Gift of Hope

Aldora: Orange Butterfly by Wayne Stratz.

Aldora: Orange Butterfly by Wayne Stratz.

Stratoz sums up his butterfly impulse:

My school only closed once for snow the winter of 2014-15 and it wasn’t till March. What was a biology and horticulture teacher to do. Design a new butterfly suncatcher to bring some hope for spring blooms and their pollinators. Aldora means “winged Gift.”

He had an “If then, then that” statement formulated the night before, “If the school cancels, then I will make butterflies.”  What a lovely sequence!

This photo captures a sign of hope in addition to the butterfly: the dormers of three of the houses across the street which were rebuilt after a fire.  It has been 5 years since that night of flames, and I still am grateful to see my neighbors back in their homes.



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Do You Dream in Orange?

Dream in Orange by Nutmeg Designs.

Stratoz shared an image of this Dream sign, and one of our clients said she dreams in orange.  I chose blue backgrounds for our previous Dream signs, and I loved the evocation of the sky as part of our dreaming.  But when Stratoz handed over the lettering this time, I wanted orange.  Some readers might […]


Wordless Wednesday: Chakras in Progress

Hopscotch #Chakras On the left is pre-grouting. On the right is an image of Margaret grouting. Finished images coming soon. A photo posted by Wayne Stratz (@waynestratz) on Mar 3, 2015 at 6:48pm PST


Dose of Orange to Keep Your Levels Up

Orange Frame with Zest by Margaret Almon[more...]

Circular Rainbow Mirror by Margaret Almon of Nutmeg Designs

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