Fire and Ice: Quilt by Sue and Erin Wilsey

Fire and Ice Quilt by Sue and Erin Wilsey

Fire and Ice Quilt by Sue and Erin Wilsey, quilted by Angie Roman.

Another beauty from the Keystone Quilters Show, Fire and Ice was a joint effort by Sue Wilsey and her daughter Erin.  Sue had Erin choose scraps from her stash of fabric, and what order she wanted them in, and then sewed it up.  The front is orange and the back is blue violet to go with Erin’s room, which has two orange walls and two blue walls.  I feel a kindred spirit.

Tulips and a Turtle for the January Cure

Tulips with a Stratozpheric Turtle

Tulips with a Stratozpheric Turtle Suncatcher

The January Cure has come around again, and Stratoz and I are giving our house some attention.  Besides cleaning tasks, there is the task of buying flowers weekly, and the color is a lift in the winter.  Another task is to sit in a place you don’t usually sit, and observe the new view for 10 minutes.  Taking this photo I noticed that the turtle is swimming in blue water.  How did I not notice that before? How much of our homes do we actually see?  How much of our lives?


Stratozpheres for the Turtle

Choosing Your Word for 2016

Words of Inspiration by Nutmeg Designs

Words of Inspiration by Nutmeg Designs


What is your word for 2016?  Until January 13th, we have free shipping within the US for words.  Stratoz set it up on his Etsy Shop: Words with Free Shipping. If your word is not there, just order the one with the same number of letters.  Leave us a note in the comments field.  And if you want Times New Roman font like the ones above, let us know that too.  We always check in about colors and details before we begin.  In 6-8 weeks, we will send you a word to resonate for the rest of the year.

After creating a Create for a client the first week of the year, I chose Create as my word for 2016.  A reminder to go into the studio for rejuvenation.

Gifting the Gifter

Asymmetric Log Cabin Trivet in Moss, Coral and Sand by Margaret Almon. Glass on wood, 8 inches.

  One of the most rewarding aspects of creating art is having it become part of a family’s traditions.  In November, Nutmeg Designs received a message requesting a thoughtful commission. . . .I am writing to you because the gifting of your beautiful your Mosaic Trivets have become a sweet and meaningful tradition in our family! […]


Sunflower Mandala for the Solstice

Sunflower Mandala by Margaret Almon

This was to be a yellow sunflower, but the orange slipped in.  Yellow is pliable and molds into orange easily.  The days are going to get longer now that the Winter Solstice is here.  The sun will slip into the darkness and intertwine night into day.


21 Days of Christmas: 21 Gifts with Free Shipping Ends Today December 15, 2015

Jazz Doodle by Wayne Stratz

Stratoz created a festive 21 Days of Free Shipping on 21 of our creations.  Fortunately, some of them are orange, including one of my quilt inspired trivets, a jazz inspired suncatcher and a blue spiral through the orange desert in mandala form.  Click on any of these photos to go to the listing and order. […]


Stratozpheric Cards: Colorful Original Joy

Stratozpheric Card by Wayne Stratz

See the inklings of glass in Stratoz’s drawing, the the colors glow as if lit from behind.  He was doodling when I met him some 30 years ago, and his doodles still amaze me. You can commission him to create a card to send to someone you love.  He has stamps, and he’s ready to use […]

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