Fluffy and the Rainbow Starflower for National Cat Day

Rainbow Starflower with Fluffy Client Photo

One of Wayne Stratz’s Rainbow Starflowers in a client’s window, all with Fluffy, on the outside looking in.  Photo by Michelle Francl.

Steve Tobin Studio Tour: Orange Brilliance


Brilliant Rust by Steve Tobin’s Sketch Pile, Quakertown, PA. Photo by Margaret Almon.

When the Michener Museum offered a tour of artist Steve Tobin’s studio, I signed up.  He’s in a warehouse in a Quakertown, PA industrial park.  After walking through the inside, and being surrounded by manifestations of Tobin’s creativity on a colossal scale, we went outside into the sunshine and toward the Sketch Pile.  The rust on the piece above was intense.


X Marks the Spot at Steve Tobin’s Studio, Quakertown, PA. Photo by Margaret Almon

Shadow play was spot on.


Shoe Selfie with Steve Tobin Sculpture in Orange. Photo by Margaret Almon.



Wall of Bronze Pizza Sculpture by Steve Tobin. Photo by Margaret Almon.

Right before we got to the exit, there was a hallway of cast bronze pizzas, which suddenly reminded me of the Karlton Cafe in Quakertown, which has some of these on the wall.  Tobin said he finds food inspiring. Stratoz is up to 60 guests that he’s made pizza for in 2014, and that has been a pleasure to get to know people white eating homemade pizza.

Avery Dennison

Steve Tobin Sculpture in Front of Avery Dennison, Quakertown, PA. Photo by Margaret Almon

Across the street from the studio is another sculpture in front of Avery Dennison.  If you have ever used a label, you’ve probably encountered Avery.   The clip logo was designed by Saul Bass in 1975 for Avery, and it looks good with Tobin orange.

Day Trip to The Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms: Lanterns Lit

Lantern at Stickley's Craftsman Farms in Parisppany, NJ

Lantern at Stickley’s Craftsman Farms in Parisppany, NJ. Photo by Wayne Stratz.

Stratoz and I made our second day trip to Craftsman Farms, museum of furniture great Gustav Stickley, in Parsippany, NJ.  I first discovered Craftsman Farms from an ad in American Bungalow quite a few years ago.  We took our first tour circa 2003, and I was smitten with the tiles, the copper hearths, the textiles and inlaid wood.  Stepping into the house was stepping into another world.  Photography is not permitted inside, but I noticed the row of lanterns visible through the door, and asked Stratoz to take a photo for me. The lanterns light a trail into beauty.

More Stratoz photos of Craftsman Farms on our Nutmeg Designs Blog

The hammered brass letter opener I found in the gift shop by Frank Glapa


15 Second Studio Tour: House Numbers In Progress

Margaret Almon Mosaic Studio. Photo ©Allison Puketza

15 Second Studio Tour of Nutmeg Designs from Nutmeg Designs on Vimeo.


The Elements of Composition and Abstraction in House Numbers

House Number 340 in Red Orange with Blue Accents by Nutmeg Designs

  I spend time immersed in numbers, in their shapes, and how straight and curved connect with each other.  Each house number takes on its own personality, as I wend my way around them.  This 340 reminded me that I also spend this time immersed in color, contrast, line, all elements of composition.  Learning about […]


Miyabi Quilt by Matsuko Shiraishi: Elegance in Orange

Miyabi Quilt by Matsuko Shiraishi

This quilt introduced me to the concept of Miyabi, a traditional Japanese aesthetic combining elegance and sorrow.  Matsuko Shiraishi describes how the quilt is made of wedding Kimono fabric, and that wedding ceremonies are a combination of those two emotions.  To see the whole quilt, which takes on the shape of a Kimono, there’s a […]


Out of the Crayon Box: Clothing for the Body and Soul by Rachel Clark


I just love color and when I say I love color it’s not about that I just love bright colors. I just love color. I’ve had a really fun time in the last year, two years, working with beige and just exploring and playing around with the properties in the colors of beige, the different […]

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