Orange in Whitehall: Shelves at Warner Glass

Orange Shelving Waiting to Be Installed at Warner Glass

  A Trip to Warner Glass

Chef’s Table and Niki Nakayama: A Banquet of Beauty

Cherry Tomatoes from the Lansdale Farmers Market. Photo by Wayne Stratz.

Previous Orange Tuesday subject Cathy Vaughn mentioned she was watching Chef’s Table on Netflix, and she was blown away by Chef Niki Nakayama.  Stratoz and I added Chef’s Table to the queue, and witnessed the artistry of Niki Nakayama’s food, and learned a new word, kaiseki.  Kaiseki is a 13 course meal that originated in Buddhist […]

Transforming Rolls of Adding Machine Paper into Vibrant Color: Sculpture by Jae Ko

Jae Ko: JK 437 Red and Orange, 2013; rolled paper, colored ink(Close View)

    To make her mark she was searching for a material never before used. In grad school she had worked on rice paper, and made installations and books. “I didn’t want to use something you could get in an art supply store. I was experimenting. I would try and try until I could get […]

Trusting the Artist Self

Orange Patchwork Trivet by Margaret Almon

The individual pieces that make up a mosaic are called tesserae, and making a topography of tesserae is restorative to my soul. Especially in orange.  Sometimes I get this longing to make something without knowing how it will turn out.  My artist self can be very astute and wise in the studio, in ways that […]

Cathy Vaughn and Copper Art from Tracery 157

Two Tulips by Cathy Vaughn of Tracery 157

  What of the pleasures of doing craft shows is meeting new artists.  Cathy Vaughn of Tracery 157  introduced herself, as we have Phoenix Handcraft as a  friend in common.  She came up from Richmond, VA with her copper art.  Her booth caught my eye right away.  Copper is a vehicle for orange in its […]

Getting Ready for Wilmington: Orange Ombre Mirror

Orange Ombre Mirror by Margaret Almon

On July 25 & 26th, 2015, I will have my work at the Pennsylvania Guild Fine Craft Fair at the Chase Center in Wilmington, DE.  I am shepherding my mosaics out of the studio and down the stairs for staging on the dining room table.  I’ve been reading Gretchen Rubin’s book on habits, Better than […]

My Office Supply Crush: French Paper Company Orange Envelopes

Awesome Packaging from the French Paper Company

I ran out of envelopes to send thank you cards, and the distributor had a minimum of 1000, but that’s not a hardship when they are orange. French Paper Company has been around since 1871, in Niles, MI, working on the 6th generation of Frenches.  I didn’t know any of this until I ordered, since […]

Bucks County Painter Lisa M. Nelson and Corvid Love

American Kestrel hanging out with Lisa Nelson's Corvid painting

Stratoz and I were at the Bucks Guild ArtsFest ’15 and we both were taken by Lisa M. Nelson‘s miniature oil painting of a fine corvid.  I was drawn to the orange and blue-black colors, and Stratoz has a thing for birds, so we took it home.  It was great to finally meet Lisa, since […]

Pollinators and Portulaca

Pollinators and Portulaca in the Garden of Nutmeg Designs.


Sophia in Her Wisdom: An Orange Spiral of Light

Sophia Spiral in a Blaze of Orange by Wayne Stratz.

Sheets of stained glass migrate back and forth between my studio and Stratoz’s studio.  He had a commission for a larger version of his Sophia Spiral, and needed something special for the center.  I had some Oceana glass that I used in an Orange Sunflower mandala, with beautiful mottles of yellow and orange.  Holding the […]

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