Color and Quilts at the Michener with Kaffe Fassett Blanket Statements

  I went on an excursion in the rain to the Michener Art Museum in Doylestown to hear a talk by Kaffe Fassett about color.  The first book I owned about mosaic was by Kaffe Fassett, and I was drawn to his use of color.  Fassett has created art in many mediums from knitting, fabric […]

Going Bigger with Pendants: Verve Patchwork in Orange

The Impulse to Make Something Beautiful

No dishes were harmed in the making of this trivet.  Broken Dishes is one of my favorite quilt patterns, and I enjoy the fact that I use only glass tile in creating the design in mosaic.  There is a form of mosaic, Pique Assiette, that is made entirely from broken dishes.  Glass is my love. […]

Learn to See: Ruah by Judy Tuwaletstiwa

On the latest 2015 pilgrimage to the Corning Museum of Glass, this piece by Judy Tuwaletstiwa was new.  I read the tag with interest: Judy Tuwaletstiwa began her career as a weaver and a painter and first worked with glass in 1998. In her painting ruah. to spit, small fused-glass elements were used like brushstrokes. To create […]

Ombre Orange in the Studio for a Colorful House Number

Kindred Spirits in orange-love requested an ombre background to their 3901 house number.  Stratoz was telling me about studies of how the brain edits the world for us, filling in the gaps, making senses synchronous.  Seeing is an action.  I have gotten better at imagining how a mosaic will look once grouted, how the colors will […]

Joyful Rainbow Log Cabin Quilt by Dorothy Fravel

Another pleasure at the Keystone Quilters 2015 Show was coming across a Rainbow Log Cabin made by Dorothy Fravel.  For my kindred spirits in Log Cabin Love, I just finished a Rainbow version of my own the week before, and look forward to sharing it with you.

Bright Star Quilt by Jamee Pemberton

  Driving to the Keystone Quilters Guild 2015 Quilt Show, Stratoz and I got a bit turned around, but the leaves were gorgeous and snuck in when we weren’t looking.  This Bright Star quilt by Jamee Pemberton caught my eye, with its autumn orange, those little sawteeth along the border.  She made it for her […]

Traveling Orange: Photographing Mosaics

I have been experimenting with photographing my pendants on a white background to help the colors shine.  I love my old windowsill, but sometimes the patterning in the wood competes with something small like a pendant.  One of my favorite aspects of mosaic is that it changes with the light, and yet it makes for […]

New Day Mandala and the Grace of the Sunrise

  I love how Stratoz describes our collaboration on this New Day Mandala: Orange and Blue are opposites that complement each other in this mandala to greet a new day. As refreshing as a night of rest this glass mosaic is a circle of hope for being renewed with the rising sun. Designed and started […]

Pianos in Orange for National Piano Month

September is National Piano Month.  This piano immediately caught my eye when Stratoz and I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show in 2009.  The theme was jazz, and featured this amazing Steinway with orange keys and an art glass top created by Dale Chihuly. Witnessing glass art was one of the reasons I became an […]

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