Friendship and Flowers

Orange Lillies by Ruth Dupuit.

  My friend Ruth sent me this photo from her garden.  She said it made her think of me(orange) and Stratoz(flowers).  The yellow emerging from the front makes the point that orange contains yellow!  I met Ruth when I was 12.  Our fathers had adjacent offices at University, and Ruth’s father told Ruth to look […]

The Orange Glow of the Red and Gold Banking Room by Hildreth Meière

Hildreth Meière's Red Room at One Wall Street, New York, NY. Hildreth Meière Dunn © 2009

  The Red and Gold Banking Room(1931) glows orange.   Hilly Meière, granddaughter of Hildreth Meière, and Vice President of the International Hildreth Meière Association, graciously allowed me to use this amazing photo.  As this writer, David W. Dunlap eloquently described it: The Red Room is a glittering, vaulted grotto whose walls and ceilings are […]

Pilgrimage to Corning: Jay Musler’s Cityscape

Cityscape by Jay Musler

  Stratoz and I made our Summer 2014 Pilgrimage to Corning Museum of Glass, and one of my favorite pieces was on display: Jay Musler’s Cityscape.  The first time we went to Corning in the early 1990s, I was smitten with this big orange bowl with the jagged edges.  The postcard has been with me […]

Surprise Surprise: Tim Bavington’s Composition in Color


I wanted to revisit the Albright-Knox Gallery which I thought I saw in 2007, but it didn’t look familiar at all.  Fortunately, it was a place worth visiting for the first time. This painting is Tim Bavington’s translation into color from the structure of the guitar solo in the Rolling Stones’ tune Surprise, Surprise.  The […]

Across the Color Spectrum: Painting by Lauralee Klindt

Our friends have this painting by Lauralee Klindt in their sunroom.  It is a good 3 feet long, which has me imagining a really big mosaic spectrum! I particularly like the orange section, where both red and yellow speak to the orange.

The Group of Seven’s J.E.H. MacDonald: His Mosaic Connection

The Group of Seven was a revelation to me as a girl in grade one, in Canada, with an art teacher who showed us the brushstrokes, the colors and shapes distinguishing each of the painters in the group.  The Group of Seven wanted to paint their own country rather than looking to England.  I recognized the […]

Pinwheels: Of Quilts and Motion to Turn Your Life Around

Pinwheel Quilt Block Mosaic by Margaret Almon

  The pinwheel quilt block has a sense of motion, as I construct each cell of triangles spinning around.  I discovered that the pinwheel is a symbol of “turning ones luck around” and is used in Chinese New Year celebrations.    Kendra at Pinwheel Girls talks about the symbolism of the pinwheel, as does Veronica […]

M is for Mosaic and Mosaic Joy: Guest Post over at Amanda Piccirilli’s Blog

Mosaic Joy by Margaret Almon.

  Amanda Piccirilli, friend and client, invited me to do a guest blog post for her May A to Z Challenge: M is for Mosaic.  I created this poster for my post, and jump over to her blog to read about the spiritual resonance of mosaic in my life. Amanda commissioned one of my favorite […]

M is for Mauve: A to Z Challenge 2014

Spiral Mosaic Mandala by Margaret Almon

  When I saw Simon Garfield’s book on the color mauve, I checked it out of the library immediately.  I wasn’t a mauve enthusiast, but the idea of a whole book about one color was intriguing. William Perkin(1838-1907) was experimenting with coal tar, in hopes of finding a cure for malaria, but instead noticed an […]

G is for Gray Tones: A to Z Challenge 2014

Stratoz doodling to Benny Green with gray and green Prismacolors.

When I met Stratoz, he said his favorite color was gray.  He still digs it.  He’s also doing an A to Z challenge, doodling his way through the alphabet with jazz on the stereo.  Since it’s Orange Tuesday, I also include this photo of a gray pendant I created with a dash of orange.

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