M is for Mauve: A to Z Challenge 2014

Spiral Mosaic Mandala by Margaret Almon

  When I saw Simon Garfield’s book on the color mauve, I checked it out of the library immediately.  I wasn’t a mauve enthusiast, but the idea of a whole book about one color was intriguing. William Perkin(1838-1907) was experimenting with coal tar, in hopes of finding a cure for malaria, but instead noticed an [...]

G is for Gray Tones: A to Z Challenge 2014

Stratoz doodling to Benny Green with gray and green Prismacolors.

When I met Stratoz, he said his favorite color was gray.  He still digs it.  He’s also doing an A to Z challenge, doodling his way through the alphabet with jazz on the stereo.  Since it’s Orange Tuesday, I also include this photo of a gray pendant I created with a dash of orange.

A is for Anaranjado: A to Z Challenge 2014


    Fittingly, the first day of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge 2014 is Orange Tuesday, and my theme for the challenge is color. As a girl from Canada, I spent grade 4 in El Paso, TX, my parents’ home town, while my father was on sabbatical.  I went into Spanish class behind [...]

A Welcome Snow: Snowcatcher’s Crochet Snowflakes and Fundraiser for MS

Crochet Snowflake by Snowcatcher

  Snowcatcher had her crocheted snowflakes featured in Art Forum Magazine, January 2014.  Her work is intricate and delightful.  Last year, a packet of snowflakes showed up in my mailbox, and Snowcatcher surprised me with more of them.  My favorite is the one with a star in the center and an orange border. Snowcatcher raises [...]

Floating Joy: Takao Tanabe Banners at the Humanities Centre, University of Alberta

Takao Tanabe banners

Humanities. 3rd floor in Canada My child-self watched the world with intensity.   I remember walking through the Humanities Centre at the University of Alberta, where my father had an office in the English Department. This was a landscape, like outside, there of its own accord.  It was a surprise to realize that someone designed [...]

Art Tile Awe: Orange Rabbit

Orange Rabbit Tile

I found this intensely orange art tile at the GoggleWorks gift shop in Reading, PA.  My memory is that the tile was from a company called Blueberry Hill, but I haven’t been able to find them. The style reminds me of the animal tiles from the Moravian Tileworks.   There is a graceful potter’s mark [...]

One of my Favorite Things: Pysanky by Nina Badulak McDaniel


House Number: Orange Emerging in the Vertical


From the Attic: Embroidery in Orange circa 1975


Embroidery floss carried color to me as a girl.  Anchor Stranded Cotton came loosely coiled and held together with tiny paper labels, and woe to anyone who lost one of the bands while working to unfurl enough floss to thread the needle.  I don’t believe the colors made up for the tangle, and the frustration [...]

Mosaic House Number for the Garden


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