Getting to Orange: Round Rainbow Mirror in Progress

Getting to Orange.

It’s awesome when clients commission something inspired by my previous work, and taking it even further. This mirror is 20 inches across, and I started gradating the colors in June, and worked on it a bit at a time, for Christmas delivery.  When I got to orange, I had this vision of it taking over […]

Drawing as Meditation


This orange notebook is my reward for getting my tax organizer to the accountant.  I love the way the cover picks up different shades.  In 2004, I took a drawing class at the community college, as part of my year of experimenting with different mediums, on my way to making mosaics.  I was one of […]

Escape Routes Quilt by Marie du Toit

Escape Routes Quilt by Marie du Toit of South Africa. Photo by Wayne Stratz at Pennsylvania Quilt Extravaganza(2014).

Based on the Block of the Month Solstice Quilt by Jinny Beyer.

Mosaic Pendant Basking in Orange


Shop Orange.  

The Same Trees


These leaves remind me of stained glass with colors revealed in detail when the light shines through.  Stratoz took this photo on an autumn walk to the Norristown Farm Park, and it is a wonder that the same tree will go from orange to brown, to bare and then to green and orange again.  Melancholy […]

Collage Meets Glass: Braque and Gemmaux


This piece caught my eye at the Corning Museum of Glass.  It was mounted in front of a lightbox and the colors of glass emerged in glowing layers.  Before I started making mosaics, I made collages with magazine paper and the Gemmail technique is like having those scraps of paper turn to glass.  Artist Jean […]

Finding Your Edges

Tangerine Orange Mosaic Mirror by Margaret Almon

With my square mirrors, I imagine I am walking the middle path; I am centered between my edges. Establishing the edge provides security that it will all fit.  If I let the glue dry before moving onward, then I don’t have to worry about nudging a piece out of alignment.  With this one, I chose […]

A Cure for January: Orange Daylillies and Tumeric


For the third year, Stratoz and I are doing the January Cure at Apartment Therapy, a kind of Spring Cleaning in the winter time. My favorite task is buying flowers.  It had never occurred to me to buy flowers when there were none in the garden, and the infusion of color does me good in the […]

An Orange Star on a Wall of Lights: Glad Tidings

Orange Stained Glass Star by Staci Klemmer. Photo by Wayne Stratz.

A surprise gift for me from Staci Klemmer, client and friend ~ a stained glass star, in orange of course! I hung it from the Wall of Lights, which keep me infused with color during the long winter months. Staci used to live around the corner from us, and we discovered she is a colleague […]

Random Acts of Piecing: Quilt by BJ Titus

Random Acts of PIecing: BJ Titus

B.J. Titus started with one triangle and then randomly chose pieces from her stash of fabric scraps, and the quilt began to take on a life of its own.  Random Acts of Piecing is akin to Random Acts of Kindness.  Both are about mending and transforming fragments. B.J. Titus: Art Quilts

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