Being Present in the Studio

House Number 205 in Yellow and Orange by Nutmeg Designs

In reflecting on the evolution of Nutmeg Designs house numbers, I am taken with how they have taken on a life of their own. Stratoz and I started collaborating in the studio with words around 2008.  He used his stained glass skills to shape letters that were legible and lovely, and I used my small […]

Channeling all that Orange into a Mosaic Frame

Opulent Orange Mosaic Frame by Margaret Almon

Flowing Through Orange with a Quilt from Carolyn Carson

Quilt by Carolyn Carson

Carolyn Carson in her words: Quilts are my medium of choice because they exemplify women’s work historically. In addition, I incorporate yarn that I have spun from wool and other fibers, also exemplary of women’s traditional work. I believe that utilizing traditional techniques in a contemporary way helps to draw attention to the lives of women. […]

Color Collecting: The Pantone Project


I have been on Instagram since 2013, and I started to notice photos matching objects to Pantone Color Postcards.  This is the only card game I would enjoy playing.  I ordered the box of 100 Pantone Postcards awhile ago, because I couldn’t resist a box of color, but I couldn’t bring myself to actually send […]

Beauty in the Ionic Structure of Glass by Dominick Labino

Ionic Structure of Glass by Dominick Labino

Our 2014 pilgrimage to Corning Museum of Glass brought us in front of Dominick Labino’s Ionic Structure of Glass, 5 feet across, set into a wall, backlit and glowing like a rose window.  It hasn’t been on display for 15 years, since the first renovation of the Corning Museum. Labino was an industrial engineer who […]

goldfish in Orange: Rene Lalique Vase, Formose (Formosa), 1924


The Lalique exhibit at The Corning Museum of Glass (until January, 4, 2015)is a treasure trove of orange.  Stratoz took this photo of the Formose goldfish vase for me.  The fins flow gracefully together enveloping the surface.  It was made by blowing a gather of hot glass into a mold ~ mold-blown glass.          

Great at Eight: Tool Set for a Girl who Wanted to Build

Happy Birthday Card when I turned 8.

On the occasion of celebrating an Orange Tuesday Birthday, I went into the archives for this birthday card with a whimsical orange giraffe.  My mother neatly wrote what my gifts were inside the card.  I don’t remember the dress, but I remember the tool set. I found the dollhouse I made with this tool set […]

Friendship and Flowers

Orange Lillies by Ruth Dupuit.

  My friend Ruth sent me this photo from her garden.  She said it made her think of me(orange) and Stratoz(flowers).  The yellow emerging from the front makes the point that orange contains yellow!  I met Ruth when I was 12.  Our fathers had adjacent offices at University, and Ruth’s father told Ruth to look […]

The Orange Glow of the Red and Gold Banking Room by Hildreth Meière

Hildreth Meière's Red Room at One Wall Street, New York, NY. Hildreth Meière Dunn © 2009

  The Red and Gold Banking Room(1931) glows orange.   Hilly Meière, granddaughter of Hildreth Meière, and Vice President of the International Hildreth Meière Association, graciously allowed me to use this amazing photo.  As this writer, David W. Dunlap eloquently described it: The Red Room is a glittering, vaulted grotto whose walls and ceilings are […]

Pilgrimage to Corning: Jay Musler’s Cityscape

Cityscape by Jay Musler

  Stratoz and I made our Summer 2014 Pilgrimage to Corning Museum of Glass, and one of my favorite pieces was on display: Jay Musler’s Cityscape.  The first time we went to Corning in the early 1990s, I was smitten with this big orange bowl with the jagged edges.  The postcard has been with me […]

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