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L is for Lansdale, PA and International Dining, A to Z Challenge 2013

Oasis Pastry and Turkish Coffee
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Oasis Restaurant Pastry and Turkish Coffee, in Lansdale, PA. Photo by Wayne Stratz.

L is for Lansdale, PA and the international restaurants within walking distance.  It took Stratoz and me several years to find The Oasis Mediterranean Food & Pastry, even though it was in plain sight.  One day we went for lunch and the owner was relieved to be able to return Stratoz’s hat.  At one point, the owner told us, he  had seen us walk by, but he is the sole server, and by the time he looked up, we were gone.  My favorite dish is the Cauliflower Delight, which I haven’t seen anywhere else, with a tahini sauce.  As a vegetarian, I have enjoyed the spinach pocket, rice pilaf with lentils and caramelized onions, tabouli salad, and stuffed grape leaves. [Edited 5/1/16 ~ Charles Cleaners was torn down, so that landmark for finding Oasis is gone.]

The Oasis Restaurant in Lansdale, PA
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The Oasis Restaurant in Lansdale, PA. Photo by Wayne Stratz.

In our 15 years in Lansdale, we now have:

Vietnamese food at Saigon Main[edited 10/15 This is now Asian Legend.  Some of the menu remains the same.]

Saigon has a vegetarian section of the menu, and the sweet and sour tofu soup is tangy with tomatoes and a vegetable that is similar to celery.  The vegetarian spring rolls over vermicelli noodles, and the Vietnamese coffee with sweetened condensed milk make a fine meal.

Thai food at Nadia [edited 10/15 Sadly, Nadia lost their lease in Lansdale and is now in Willow Grove]

I like to go for the weekday lunch special.  I love the  Som Tam Thai Salad with cabbage, carrot, ground peanut and a citrus marinade.

Chinese at Chong’s Dumpling House

The steamed vegetable dumplings are tasty, as are the entrees on the Chinese menu under the glass tabletop, especially the snow pea leaves with garlic.

Over at Stratoz:

Top 10 Favorite Restaurants in Lansdale


  1. Snowcatcher says:

    You have a wonderful selection of cuisine there! Some of the dishes you’ve mentioned make me want to experiment in my own kitchen, especially the snow pea leaves in garlic. My snow pea leaves are in snow right now. I may have to rescue them with a bit of garlic tonight!

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