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A Sand and Sea Mosaic Mandala: Beach Colors and Exploring New Shores

I love it when someone challenges me to play with new colors!  A customer, who used to live in Pennsylvania, but now lives in Florida, described how her PA colors seemed too dark for her light filled, spacious rooms in her new home.  She is drawn to beach colors, aqua for the sea, sandy browns, white for the clouds.  I grew up in Edmonton, AB, Canada, which is even farther from the beach than PA ever is.  In the prairie province, the beach was not something I referred to, or understood as a concept.  Yes, I lived in Oregon for awhile, but that’s not the beach, that’s the coast, dramatic, rocky, rainy.

I had this piece of abalone shell I’d found at a bead shop, and which seemed to beautiful in and of itself to break, and which immediately became the focal point of the wave in this mosaic mandala.  The shell spirals into aqua gold smalti, with its metallic glow and then glass tile, and stained glass in shades of blue, aqua and seafoam green, and ending with silver smalti for a bit of white foam.  Light colored grout added a sandy quality to the swirl of mother of pearl tile, iridized glass tile and stained glass.  This was invigorating fun to deliberately go light.

What sparks your creativity?


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  1. Di says:

    Love it, that’s gorgeous.
    There was one period in my life where the story of Jesus calming the waves was the biggest comfort I could find. This beautiful piece makes me think of that.

  2. So, so beautiful. It’s a very “peaceful” piece. What it would inspire me to do is… meditate. I was checking out some of your other pieces. You are indeed very talented! Thank you for sharing.

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