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A to Z Challenge 2012: X is for Xylophone

Xylophone Sales Ad 1919
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Xylophone Sales Ad 1919 via Dean Sabatino.


Jazz musicians who play the Vibraphone are rightly sensitive about their instrument being called a Xylophone, since many people have never even heard of the Vibes, and even though I do know they are different,  I didn’t realize that Lionel Hampton and Red Norvo each started on a Xylophone in the 1920’s.  The Xylophone’s shorter wooden bars made it difficult to sustain notes, and the Vibraphone solved this problem by including resonating tubes under aluminum bars, and a small electrical motor which amplified the resonance.

Check out George Hamilton Green doing Ragtime Robin on  Xylophone in the early 20th Century:



  1. Heather Murphy says:

    I like your xylophone post too! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I had difficulties posting my reflections post but it is finally up now. You have a very artistic blog, very much my style! 🙂

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