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Being Present in the Studio

House Number 205 in Yellow and Orange by Nutmeg Designs
House Number 205 in Yellow and Orange by Nutmeg Designs

In reflecting on the evolution of Nutmeg Designs house numbers, I am taken with how they have taken on a life of their own. Stratoz and I started collaborating in the studio with words around 2008.  He used his stained glass skills to shape letters that were legible and lovely, and I used my small pieces to create mosaic backgrounds.  A friend suggested we make house numbers.  One suggestion can make a big difference.

Now my friend is starting her own business, and she wonders what it will be: the idea that creates resonance and draws people in.  It is hard in that place of uncertainty, and yet to know then what I know now would’ve scared me too.  Our orders for house numbers tripled in the 2nd quarter of 2014, and in 2009 I didn’t have a way to track orders, or clients, or pacing myself, but I do now.

There were two more orders in my inbox this morning.  If I get ahead of myself, and focus on my narrative of “how will I get this all done?” then my anxiety rises.  But if I go into the studio, and start making, I am fine as I focus on: the beauty of glass, the delight of color, the emerging of a whole from the pieces as I unite them with grout, the happiness of our clients.


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