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Bringing Beauty to Life: A Sunporch of Mandalas

Nutmeg Designs Art for a Client's Sunporch
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Nutmeg Designs Art for a Client’s Sunporch

1. Rainbow in Bloom Mandala by Margaret Almon, 2. Crab Nebula Mandala by Wayne Stratz, 3. Red Orange Flower Mandala by Margaret Almon, 4. Red Tailed Rainbow Mandala by Margaret Almon, 5. Doodling with Scraps of Faithfulness by Wayne Stratz, 6. Helix Nebula Mandala by Margaret Almon, 7. Rainbow Starflower by Nutmeg Designs, 8. Shore Spiral by Margaret Almon, 9. Wernersville Wave Mandala by Wayne Stratz

In Spring of 2011, Stratoz thought we sold four mandalas, but it turned out the client wanted to hang them outside, and the ones she selected were not weatherproof, so she asked if we could make other ones for her that would be safe outdoors.  In the Fall of 2012, we received an order for four more mandalas, and querying the client, discovered they were also for the bluestone wall along her sunporch, and made her another twin set.  She told us our work brings beauty into her life, and we are more than glad to be able to do that.  Stratoz’s suncatcher made it into the group as well, to hang at the end of the porch, already set for the outdoors.  And finally, one of my Marzanne collaborations with Suzanne Halstead went to this client as well(for inside of course. . .)  A fine collection of orange, highlighted with blue and the rainbow.

Orange Nautilus by Margaret Almon and Suzanne Halstead
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Orange Nautilus by Margaret Almon and Suzanne Halstead

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  1. Wanda Craner says:

    Hoping that some of your works make it to “Walking with God!!!” Just looking at this page brightens my day!!!!! Thank you, both!!!

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