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Meet Me in the Lobby: Highlights of the PA Guild Show at the Chase Center, August 4th and 5th, 2012

Jupi’s Art. Jupi Das.
Booth 103.
Cummings Pam Pottery (7)
Pam Cummings Pottery.
Booth 112.
Balock Woodturning. George Balock.
Booth 113.
Painted Scherenschnitte. Sandra Gilpin. Booth 127.
Beadweaving from Megan’s Jewelry Box. Megan Horan.
Booth 130.
Log Cabin Quilt Block in Glass by Margaret Almon
Nutmeg Designs. Margaret Almon.
Booth 131.

I will be in booth 131, in the lobby, along with 5 of the makers of work in my own collection of craft!  This is going to be a great entryway into a great show, so meet me in the lobby!

Chase Center, Wilmington, DE

Paper Cutting: Scherenschnitte in Pennsylvania.

Wharton Esherick and the Pennsylvania Legacy of Woodworking.

Stratoz(Wayne Stratz) in his studio. Photo ©Allison Puketza.

A to Z Challenge 2012: S is for Stratoz – (Otherwise Known as Wayne Stratz)

Stratoz(Wayne Stratz) in his studio. Photo ©Allison Puketza.
Stratoz(Wayne Stratz) in his studio. Photo ©Allison Puketza.

Like a certain singer from New Jersey, Wayne Stratz spent month-long vacations in the stratozphere growing up, and decided to name his blog Stratoz: A Life Unfolding in 2007.  I refer to Wayne as Stratoz when I write about him on my blog, and perhaps some readers do not know that he is my husband and partner in craft.  We are Nutmeg Designs.

Wayne writes about Ignatian spirituality, gardening, teaching,  mystics, glass craft, science and jazz, sometimes separately, sometimes several at once.  If you want a glimpse of a life unfolding, check out Stratoz.

Some of my favorite posts by Stratoz:

And for some awesome plant photos, check out the garden section.