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Celtic Cross Mosaics: Circle of Light

Mosaic Cross for Wayne by Margaret Almon
Mosaic Cross for Wayne by Margaret Almon, glass and ceramic on WEDI board.

From the first time I thought of making a mosaic cross for my husband, I was drawn to the Celtic Cross, with its circle of light juxtaposed at the heart of the cross.  This particular form of the Christian symbol has many layers of folklore as to its origins, from remnants of an old sun god joining his disc to Christianity, to the circle representing eternity and God’s love.  Stephen Walker, metalsmith, has an interesting article on Celtic Cross History and Symbolism.

The cross I made for Wayne is unusual with its crazy paving.  I had a scrap of stained glass with a graduated shading from red to magenta to purple, and irregular pieces were the best way for me to preserve the color progression.
Putting the iridized glass together for the circle was a powerful experience, as the glow was intensified by the teal glass background, and incarnating the hope of a light shining in the darkness.  The cross below is a commission, which incorporates the same iridized glass into the circle, but this time the glass is in a less linear form, emanating like one of my mandalas.  I experimented with some of the many offcuts from nipping glass, to make a patchwork cross on slate which has tremendous light catching abilities.

Mosaic Cross in Red by Margaret Almon
Mosaic Cross in Red by Margaret Almon, glass on slate.

My mother, who is a minister, suggested a cross with interlocking rings, for weddings.


Wedding Cross by Margaret Almon
Wedding Cross by Margaret Almon, glass on slate.


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