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E is for Edmonton Public Library, A to Z Challenge 2013

Edmonton Public Library Card c. 1982
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Edmonton Public Library Card c. 1982, Edmonton, AB

E is for the Edmonton Public Library, where I spent every Saturday as a girl, and most Saturdays through high school.  This was my first bar-coded library card from EPL, and my name have even been printed by a computer.  The Edmonton Public Library celebrates its 100 Anniversary in 2013.

This girl isn’t me, but very well could’ve been in the year of 1975, at the Capilano Branch summer reading club, with a rainbow of books.  I received my first library card at this branch, on manilla cardstock with rounded corners, with my name imprinted by a manual typewriter. [Edited to add that this link no longer works, and so far I haven’t been able to track down these archival photos of the Edmonton Public Library].

I found an image of another rainbow, like a colorful barcode, at the downtown branch of the Edmonton Public Library.

Rainbow at EPL
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Rainbow at Edmonton Public Library Parking Garage via bratli on Flickr

More images at my A to Z Challenge Pinterest Board.

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  1. Melissa (Sew Honeybee) says:

    What a lovely library. Your writing and photos transported me there… I could almost smell the books! Good luck on the rest of your A-Z challenge!

  2. Linda Casper says:

    I used to love going to the library. I would go every week as a child and deliberate over the choices; only two books allowed then. As an adult I borrowed about 6 books (fiction and non-fiction) every fortnight but, with google and my kindle, I am afraid I only use the library every month when I attend a writing group. Unfortunately, some of the smaller ones are closing down and others are being taken over and run by local people.

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