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Friendship and Flowers

Orange Lillies by Ruth Dupuit.
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Orange Lilies and the Lone Yellow. Photo by Ruth Dupuit.


My friend Ruth sent me this photo from her garden.  She said it made her think of me(orange) and Stratoz(flowers).  The yellow emerging from the front makes the point that orange contains yellow!  I met Ruth when I was 12.  Our fathers had adjacent offices at University, and Ruth’s father told Ruth to look for me on the first day at my new school.  It’s amazing how one suggestion can turn into a life-long friendship.  Ruth lived close to the school, whereas I took public transit.  She would invite me over to have lunch at her house.  Ruth’s mother makes me think of orange, since she would send me to the fruit drawer in the kitchen, and oranges were the only fruit I liked.

Margaret and Ruth 1983
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Margaret and Ruth, 1983. Photo by Fred Clandfield.


Ruth’s father was a fine photographer.  I scanned this photo of his, and noticed the soft focus of the doors against our portrait of friendship.  Ruth takes after her father with her fine photography as well.

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