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Gifts in Green: A Bit of Spring in My Mosaics

Bunny Topiary Print by Michelle Masters with a frame by Margaret Almon
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Bunny Topiary Print by Michelle Masters with a frame by Margaret Almon

Since I’ve discovered Wordless Wednesday, I have found some very cool bloggers, like Michelle Masters, who makes topiary themed illustrations in watercolor and ink.  When Michelle said she was going to be at the Philadelphia Flower Show, and my tickets came in the mail, I was excited.  I stopped by her lovely booth of prints, cards, pillows and linen towels, and said hello.  It was a pleasure to meet a blogging friend, and to see her art in person.  I bought this Thinking of You print, with such a sweet bunny perched on a wash tub, and clipping a leafy heart, as a gift to myself.  I am usually busy making things for other people, but for this print, I made a mosaic frame for it with bits of pale green glass, to hang in my studio(next to my orange rabbit art tile).  Perhaps I am fond of rabbits because my husband was born in the Year of the Rabbit?

New Watch Face in Mosaic
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New Watch Face in Mosaic by Margaret Almon.


At the same time, my friend Cynthia, asked me to mosaic an antique silver pocket watch, which was missing the clock, as a gift for a friend.  This was the polar opposite of her last commission, the Mosaic Bowling ball!  She wanted greens for the watch mosaic.  I loved working within the engraved border of vining clover, and giving something broken a new face to the world.  I found a teeny tiny millefiori bead for the center, and used one of my tins of offcuts to find the rest of the pieces.  Cynthia said her friend loved it, and I’m glad I could be part of her birthday celebration!  I enjoy new challenges, and welcome commissions for gifts for others, or for yourself.


  1. OMG! Yummy says:

    I love your mosaics – already saw a frame on Etsy that I’m interested in. Thanks for popping by my food blog to say congrats about my LA Times photo. I just love meeting people from all over that do such interesting things just by writing about food. Was life this interesting before social media???
    I homeschooled my son one year and took him on a tour of a glass-blowing studio. It was fascinating. And I do love mosaics. Glad you found me and vice versa.

  2. I’m glad you were the person above me on SITS–I try to comment on the person who posted right before me! Your blog is definitely yummy–anyone who has rugelach step by step has to be cool. . .I think life was interesting before social media, but like we were each on our own planet, and now we are all able to find each other, zip zap! Thank you for my kind words about my mosaics. The frames are one of my most favorite things to make–all the cool bits of glass, and levels and sparkle!

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