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Giving a House in England its Name in Mosaic: Inglenook Travels across the Ocean

Inglenook: Mosaic House Name by Nutmeg Designs
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Inglenook: Mosaic House Name by Nutmeg Designs. Glass on slate, 12×6″

Inglenook made it safely across the ocean from Pennsylvania to England!  A woman had contacted us at the beginning of the year, saying she loved our house numbers, but her house didn’t have a number, but it did have a name, and could we make a name sign. Stratoz and I worked up a quote for her, and she wrote back that it would need to wait until her birthday in October.  Then in September,  a man wrote us and said that his wife had discussed a sign and he wanted to order it for her.  It is still a thrill when clients get back to us, especially for someone so far away.

Stratoz designed the pattern pieces, and picked up speed after lamenting that lower case g’s were not friendly to glass artists, and getting the 6 pieces of that letter cut out.  Then it was my turn, and I made the background according to the request for a mixture of light and dark greens and a touch of red for vibrancy.

I was nervous about shipping it, but the client had good experiences with UPS so we went with that and Duane Freed at the Packaging Store in Lansdale packed it up for us, and off it went, and arrived on the client’s birthday.  Her husband reported that she was delighted, and thank us for our beautiful work.  This fills me with joy, knowing that Nutmeg Designs could bring this delight to fruition for our client and her husband.

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