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James Siena: Labyrinthian Structures at Cornell University through December 20, 2015

Heliopolis by James Siena
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James Siena, Heliopolis, 2004, Woodcut engraving
Paper size: 12″ x 10″ Image size: 5″ x 4″
Labyrinthian Structures, Johnson Gallery, Cornell University. Photo by Wayne Stratz (2015).

“I don’t make marks. I make moves.” – James Siena

Stratoz and I went on an excursion to Ithaca, NY, and one of our stops was the Johnson Museum at Cornell University.  I was smitten with the James Siena: Labyrinthian Structures exhibit, and the intricate patterns of Siena’s prints.  I have walked labyrinths, and the convolutions calm my mind.  Siena says he hopes to take the viewer’s eye on a walk with his patterning, and it is a fine walk indeed.

It troubled my librarian heart that I couldn’t find gallery labels for the art, and it didn’t look promising online either, probably because the exhibit wasn’t officially open yet!  I didn’t realize this fact until writing this post and saw the start date was September 5th, 2015, and we were there August 25th.  I’d like to give a shout-out to Troy McHenry and his James Siena Print List, his wonderful “unofficial online print catalogue raisonné in-progress” (as he terms it).  McHenry is a collector of Siena’s work, and any artist would love to have such a labor of love.  Go explore it to see many more of Siena’s works.

James Siena: Labyrinthian Structures at Cornell University Johnson Museum of Art until December 20, 2015.

A Conversation with James Siena: Figure / Ground

James Siena at Pace Gallery

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