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Joy and the Learning Curve: The New Nutmeg Designs Art Website

Joy Lotus Mandala by Nutmeg Designs.
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Joy Lotus Mandala by Nutmeg Designs.

When I signed up for Tara Gentile‘s Website Kickstart class, I was nervous.  I had been interviewing web designers for a new Nutmeg Designs site for the collaborative work Stratoz and I do together, and didn’t even know what questions I needed to be asking.  In the midst of this, I got an email from Tara about the next Kickstart class, and I took this as a fortuitous sign.  At one point I attempted to start my own website, and the frustration was overwhelming, and the mass of details seemingly endless.  I eventually went with blogging software for my Margaret Almon Mosaics site, and assumed I’d never try the mysteries of FTP, HTML or CSS again, but the timing was right for Tara’s class, which included technical support.  I wouldn’t be going it alone.

Tara wisely begins the class with encouragement to Celebrate the Learning Curve, and even to rejoice in all that there is yet to be learned.  This goes against my belief that I must do things perfectly, the very first time, instantaneously.  I am aware that this is unattainable, that all human learning is by trial and error, but even though I understand intellectually, the old pathways are grooved deep.  But every action I take to learn something can take me closer to what I want to achieve, and that I can ask for help.

The Joy Mandala is our new favicon(that little icon that shows up on open tabs in your browser), which is fitting since it is a collaborative piece, and Stratoz and I are joyful that we can share our art with the world.

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  1. marie young says:

    The site looks fab! One of these days, I’d like to move up to a real website. Right now I’m working on a web redesign for the university where I work and that is quite enough web for me at the moment!

  2. Snowcatcher says:

    I’m so excited for you not only because of the new website, but because you’re doing it yourself. I’ve been down the road a couple of times, too, and I’m currently trying to rebuild some web pages that were lost a couple of years ago. I think I like the concept of celebrating learning, being able to learn, and the variety of which we may learn. Makes the battle so much more… enthusiastic!

  3. Jenny Hoople says:

    Oh, best of luck, Margaret!! How exciting 😀 I really really understand when you talk about not being too worked up about getting it all perfect! There are so many imperfections and loose ends I’m trying to tie up with my new site 😀 Oh, dear! But, luckily I’ve got these helpful German website people who are trying to help me get it all running how it should 🙂 What I don’t understand is how something can work one day and then not work the next even though I haven’t made any changes to it!! Hope your launch goes smoothly, don’t forget to take walks and drink chamomile tea 😀

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