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Lovers of Orange and Orange Tuesdays

Orange Flower Mandala on Slate by Margaret Almon
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Orange Flower Mandala on Slate by Margaret Almon.

I came across Orange Tuesdays from Shengkay’s Randomness Journal,  and was smitten with the idea immediately!  I am an orange person.  I never knew this until I started making art, and was drawn to orange in whatever form from luscious juicy orange, to burnt orange to blazing orange.  I have found that orange lovers in the United States are relatively rare, and when we find each other, we click!  I’ve read that people tend to love orange or hate it, and sometimes I have a twinge of wondering if I should be making all this orange art, but it doesn’t last long, because orange makes me feel joy, and draws those people who find joy in it, and that is a good thing.  So here I go with my first Orange Tuesday!

Update: Shengkay is taking a break from Orange Tuesday, but I am still posting.

Margaret’s Mandalas on Etsy at Nutmeg Designs


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