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Midas Under the Sunflowers: Orange Almost into Gold

Midas Under the Sunflowers. Photo by Margaret Almon.
Midas Under the Sunflowers. Photo by Margaret Almon.

When I found Midas under our sunflowers, I knew I needed to take photos for Orange Tuesdays.  Midas isn’t mine, but he came with the house, as the yard and porch are his by annexation.  This photo reminds me of the story of Jack and Beanstalk, but Midas has no interest in climbing the sunflower’s stalk, just in napping.  I am also reminded of the story of King Midas and the Golden Touch, who believes nothing more valuable than gold,  wishes that everything he touched would turn to gold, but when his wish is granted, he discovers his whole world solidifying into uselessness: food, water, and worst of all, his daughter.  How quickly King Midas’ wish went awry!

Midas Under the Sunflowers
Midas Looking Indifferent. Photo by Margaret Almon.

Once when we were young, my sister and I visited Butchart Gardens in BC, and there was a bronze statue of a pig, and you could make a wish while you rubbed his snout for luck.  My sister told me she wished the whole world was orange.  I don’t know if her enthusiasm for orange has endured, but I didn’t discover I loved orange until I started making art, and it was the orange glass that caught my eye again and again.  Even better is orange gold smalti, a thin layer of gold under and even thinner layer of orange glass, and no, I don’t wish everything I touched turned to orange gold.  Just a little is enough to bring things alive.  My neighbor Midas has one good eye, which is plenty for hunting, since he brings small “gifts” for his owner.  He got tired of my taking photos and turned his back to me.

Midas Under the Sunflowers
Midas Turns His Back To Me. Photo by Margaret Almon.



  1. cheerful says:

    the second picture was really cute. and oh, i wish you can come to our house and turn few things into gold, hehehe! i miss orange around…our house in cambodia have orange thing around, but now we moved here in thailand…i hope to accent our house with orange again, but we don’t have yet, still staying in a hotel. orange give warm feeling…i loved it! 🙂 looking forward to see more of midas. and lastly, i am loving mexican foods, you’re lucky you grew up with it. visiting you back, sorry i am late! thanks and have a great week.

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