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Surprise Surprise: Tim Bavington’s Composition in Color

Surprise, Surprise(2003) by Tim Bavington
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Surprise, Surprise(2003) by Tim Bavington. Albright-Knox Gallery, Buffalo, NY. Photo by Wayne Stratz.

I wanted to revisit the Albright-Knox Gallery which I thought I saw in 2007, but it didn’t look familiar at all.  Fortunately, it was a place worth visiting for the first time. This painting is Tim Bavington’s translation into color from the structure of the guitar solo in the Rolling Stones’ tune Surprise, Surprise.  The artist creates connection between musical notes and the color wheel.  Stratoz took this photo at an angle to the painting, and the yellow-orange seems to turn to the camera and stare directly into the lense.


Surprise, Surprise by Tim Bavington at the Albright-Knox in Buffalo, NY.


Tennis Ball Yellow by Eric Minh Swenson, a short film about Bavington’s process, with cool views of his studio.


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