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Taza Chocolate: In Orange!

Taza Chocolate Mexicano: Orange
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Taza Chocolate Mexicano: Orange. Photo by Margaret Almon.

My magpie eye saw this immediately at Hennings Market in Harleysville, PA.  Taza Chocolate, orange, with the characteristic disc shape of Mexican stone ground chocolate, in a mandala like display of colors and flavors.  Stratoz and I had just been talking about a desire for a cup of Mexican hot chocolate, so I bought this tablet for his stocking. The border of the package is imprinted with images of the grinding stones Taza uses, which are lovely in themselves.  I grew up drinking Mexican chocolate, since my parents were from El Paso, TX.  We had a molinillo for beating the chocolate, twirled by the handle.  For a beautiful photo essay tour of Taza’s Chocolate factory, check out this post by Cake and Commerce: Taza Chocolate: Bean-to-Bar Revolution by Way of Tradition.


    • Wow! Maybe our paths crossed. In the 1976-1977 school year, my father went on sabbatical from the University of Alberta, and we spent it in El Paso(which was quite a shock to me, being from Canada). My maternal grandmother taught for many years at Loma Terrace, and my grandfather worked for Standard Oil. My paternal grandfather worked for Texaco.

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