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The Kaleidescopic Beauty of Lantana Flowers

Orange Lantana Flowers and Mosaic Bowling Ball
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Orange Lantana Goodness, Photo by Wayne Stratz

I hankered after Lantana after seeing the flowers at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA, and at the Philadelphia International Flower Show.  Stratoz planted one small pot of them this spring, and they have burst forth into a kaleidescope of colors.  It’s like watching the sun set, as the colors change from red to orange to pink, a surprise every morning.  One plant has spread out to surround my mosaic bowling ball, which makes a fine backdrop to all this orange delight.




  1. Carol Samsel says:

    Last year was the first that I planted Lantana’s and I fell in love with them. I will have them every year now and they are one of the few flowers that have done well in our heat and dryness this summer. Your’s are beautiful and I absolutely love the mosaic with them!

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