1. Well, you got the artist one right! If the little you could meet the big you I wonder how she would react to your beautiful pieces of art. I’m thinking she would be dazzled. 😉

    Earliest art memory I have is cutting out a strip of paper and taping it together so it stood on its side and looked like an “O” if you were looking down on it. Then I cut out a circle and drew a face on it. Next I cut a tiny slit in the head and a tiny slit on the O. I slid the two slits together so the head was resting on the “O”. Handing it to my mother I proudly announced that now I could do a head stand. Sigh… I think she still has it somewhere.

  2. Amanda says:

    I remember making the things I wanted out of paper around first/second grade age. Things like telephones, cats, and new Amelia Bedelia books . . lol. And to this day, I still enjoy all 3. Funny how that works 🙂

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