On the Trail of Calligraphy: Margaret Shepherd

Margaret Shepherd, Author and Calligrapher

  There is a quote that has circulated with great vigor on the internet ether, “Sometimes your only available mode of transportation is a leap of faith.”  It is attributed to Margaret Shepard, and as I searched to find more about the author, nothing came up except more permutations of the quote and then finally, […]

A Cat Named Margaret by Lisa Congdon

Margaret knows how to do Fridays. A photo posted by Lisa Congdon (@lisacongdon) on May 1, 2015 at 9:46am PDT Artist & Illustrator Lisa Congdon has a cat named Margaret(named for the artist Margaret Kilgallen, who I will save for a future Margaret Monday.)  When I started drawing again, I found an online class from Lisa […]

Margaret Crowther(1936-): Tapestry in 3D

Margaret F. Crowther - Workshop on 3-D Forms

  Margaret Crowther(1936-), is a British textile artist who creates 3D tapestries by hand, many without a loom.  She knots and twists and builds up textures.  I am smitten with her use of orange, and color gradations, and the three dimensional levels. Margaret Crowther creates custom work for homes, and Sinead Lawler describes the process […]

Sally Nixon: Illustrator Starting the Week with Margaret Monday

Around the Square by Margaret Almon

Yoga with Margaret. #findwhatfeelsgood #illustration #drawing #yoga #pen #penandink #penonpaper #blackandwhite #yogawithadriene #margaretmonday #comic @adrienelouise A photo posted by Sally Nixon (@sallustration) on Mar 9, 2015 at 7:09pm PDT I hadn’t done a Margaret Mondays in awhile, and then I found illustrator Sally Nixon on Instagram.  She has a character named Margaret who seems to have randomly […]

Margaret Avison(1918-2007): Intensity of the Seed

Potentiality Humble is the intensity of a seed. It lies there too small to cast a shadow, as the invisible is too large, compassing light and shadow both; yet there is a bond that makes them one. (From Always Now: Collected Poems of Margaret Avison) July 1st is Canada day, and it fell on a […]

Margarete von Brauchitsch(1873-1939): Embroiderer of Gorgeous Gridwork

Margarethe Von Brauchitsch, Tafeltuch, 1910

  Source: thetextileblog.blogspot.com via Margaret on Pinterest       The embroidery of Margarete Von Brauchitsch(1873-1939) reminds me of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie Style Architecture, with stained glass made with an intricate grid  I had a chance to see Wright’s Dana-Thomas House when I lived in Illinois in 1994, and the delightful repetition of pattern […]

Margaret Nelson(1901-1981): Botanical Block Prints

Solomon Seal, Margaret Nelson.

Margaret Nelson(1901-1981), was a member of the Folly Cove Designers(1938-1969), made mostly of women, who were residents of Cape Ann, MA.  Although many of the members were not formally trained as artists, Margaret Nelson attended the Boston Museum School for sculpture.  I have Solomon Seal in my garden, and Nelson’s print has a verdant crispness, […]

Song of my Youth and Name: Stand Down Margaret by The English Beat

I woke up in the night with the tune “Stand Down Margaret” by The English Beat in my head. I remember checking out one of their records from the Southgate Mall Branch of the Edmonton Public Library, in 1984.  There was a cautionary mobile dangling above my head composed of melted vinyl albums, casualties of […]

From the Attic: Peace and Happiness from my Grade 1 Teacher

Dear Margaret: Encouragement from my Grade 1 Teacher

My grade 1 teacher, Mrs. Peggy Juchli, wrote this message at the end of the 1973 school year.   I have a memory of Mrs. Juchli encouraging me to make art, but reading her words, when I found this journal in the attic a few weeks ago, was a revelation.   Mrs. Juchli introduced me to the […]

Margaret Calkin James(1895-1985): Illustrator, Printmaker, and Founder of Rainbow Workshops

At the Sign of the Rainbow: Margaret Calkin James.

Searching for a Margaret for Margaret Monday, Stratoz suggested that I look for something related to Christmas, and Margaret Calkin James(1895-1985)appeared.  She was part of the everyday visual landscape because of her work for London Transport and the Underground. The 1931 A Merry Christmas has a wonderful blue and orange color scheme, with paper lanterns […]

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