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5 Women Artists Friday: Halstead, Marks, Reynal, Tuwaletstiwa, and Meière

Sun Trees by Suzanne Halstead and Margaret Almon
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Sun Trees, oil pastel by Suzanne Halstead and glass mosaic frame by Margaret Almon


Part 3 of 5 Women Artists to Discover:

  1. Suzanne Halstead, Interview Part 1 and Part 2.  One of the first people to encourage me in making art. She introduced me to drawing mandalas, and playing with materials, and colors. I love her Sun Trees oil pastel above, and have it in my studio.

2. A Margaret of Many Names: Grete Marks(1899-1990) Labeled degenerate by the Nazi’s because she was Jewish, and forced to give up her pottery factory in 1934 Germany, and fled to England where she continued to create ceramics that still look futuristic.

3. Jeanne Reynal(1903-1983): Abstract Expressionist Mosaic Artist.

ruah. to spit. by Judy Tuwaletsiwa
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ruah. to spit. by Judy Tuwaletsiwa(American, b.1941), fused glass, pigment, kaolin, canvas, adhesive. Corning Museum of Glass. Photo by Wayne Stratz.

4. Judy Tuwaletstiwa(1941-): Weaver, Painter and Glass Artist. Check out her exercise for thinking with your hands.

Hildreth Meiere Smalti
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Hildreth Meiere Smalt sample boardi. Photo by Wayne Stratz.

5. Hildreth Meière(1892-1961): The Mosaic Artist who inspired me to make mosaics.

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